Ink-Quiry: Maria Regalado

Steve: Do you have tattoos?

Maria: Yes.

Steve: How many do you have?

Maria: Four.

Steve: What are your tattoos of?

Maria: Names of some of the people that I love, such as family members.

Steve: What was the pain like for each tattoo?

Rachel: A little painful in the beginning.

Steve: What made you want to get tattooed?

Maria: I’ve always liked them.

Steve: How did other people feel about you getting tattooed?

Maria: My dad got mad. He didn’t like. As for other people, there are some that ask me why I did it and talk about how it’s not okay, but there are more people that say that they like them.

Steve: Do you plan to get anymore tattoos?

Maria: Yes.

Steve: Any pieces in mind?

Maria: I want one of some flowers on my hand.

Steve: Any advice for people that are thinking about getting tattooed?

Maria: Do it because you really want to. It’s something that you will have for the rest of your life. Don’t do it to make someone else happy.

Steve: Did getting tattooed have an emotional or psychological impact in your life?

Maria: Not really, because I’m still the same person.