Ink-Quiry: Margaret Snatch’Her

Steve: How many tattoos do you have?

Margaret: Two.

Steve: What are your tattoos of?

Margaret: I have a Hamsa hand on my back, which is a Jewish good luck symbol and the word persevere on my wrist in white ink.

Steve: What was the pain experience like?

Margaret: The one on my wrist was pretty bad mainly because of the location. The back hurt a good deal, but it was so long ago that it’s hard to really recall the intensity.

Steve: What made you want to get tattoos?

Margaret: I saw the Hamsa hand as art, and as a way to express my religious freedom. The persevere tattoo I got during a rough transitional time in my life, and it served as a reminder to keep pushing.

Steve: Any advice for people looking to get tattooed?

Margaret: Find an artist whose work you love. Look at that artist’s line work, and look for gaps in the design when you spread the skin apart. Also make sure you go someplace reputable. Artists should not share rooms, because it’s unhygienic. Each artist should have a separate room with walls and a ceiling to prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens. When it comes to choosing your artwork, make sure that it is something personally meaningful to you since you’ll be wearing it forever.

Steve: Do you plan to get anymore tattoos?

Margaret: Of Course! I’m just not sure what yet, but at least one of them will have something to do with roller derby.