Ink-Quiry: Mallowz

Steve: Do you have tattoos?

Mallowz: Yes.

Steve: How many tattoos?

Mallowz: Currently, I have two.

Steve: What are your tattoos of?

Mallowz: I have angel wings and a small skeleton.

Steve: Where are the tattoos on your body?

Mallowz: My wings cover my shoulder blades and the skeleton is on my right leg above the ankle. 

Steve: What do those tattoos represent?

Mallowz: The skeleton is my friend’s company logo “My Pet Skeleton” for his macabre art. I got it for him and my best mate, who was killed in a car accident. She always loved the design of it. My wings I got for my grandfather, who was in the Air Force for 50 years. He retired and died in less than a year from cancer that started in his kidney. They are my memory of him, and his love of flying and his ability to help and care for others.

Steve: What was the pain like for both tattoos?

Mallowz: The skeleton made me giggle because it tickled a lot. My wings were not bad with the outline. However, when my uncle did the shading on the right side of that tattoo, I cried quite a bit because that wing stops right above my old surgery. The left side of that tattoo like a deep tissue massage. It didn’t bother me.

Steve: Any advice for people looking to get tattoos?

Mallowz: Don’t just go and get a cool design. I design and I always tell my clients if they want a serious tattoo to get the design and wait a year. If after a year they still want it, get it. You would be surprised how many tattoos that I have drawn up to only have people decide to not get one. Or they get it and later on they no longer like it. Your tattoos are your story for others to read, and make sure that your canvas is what you want it to be and not what you think others want to see.

Steve: Do you plan to get more tattoos?

Mallowz: Yes, I have several more designs planned. I just need to find the time and money.