Ink-Quiry: Kim Kaycee

Steve: Do you have tattoos?

Kim: Yes.

Steve: How many tattoos do you have?

Kim: One.

Steve: What kind of tattoo do you have?

Kim: A lotus flower.

Steve: What does that tattoo symbolize?

Kim: Lotus flowers are symbols in a lot of cultures. One of them is the East Indian culture. It represents life and overcoming adversity.

Steve: Where on your body did you get your tattoo?

Kim: Lower back.

Steve: What was the pain like during the process?

Kim: It stung a little bit at first. But after a couple minutes, my skin went numb. Most of it didn’t hurt that much. But when the artist went over a couple of spots that he already tattooed, they hurt a lot.

Steve: Did the tattoo have an emotional or psychological impact on you?

Kim: Yes, I was glad that I actually went through with it.

Steve: Do you plan to get more anymore tattoos?

Kim: Maybe. I keep thinking about getting a cat tattoo.

Steve: Any advice for anyone looking to get a tattoo?

Kim: Do your research. Make sure that they have the proper credentials, because it can help protect from diseases. Look at the artist’s previous work and make sure it goes with your style.