Ink-Quiry: Jennifer Duty

Steve: Do you have tattoos?

Jennifer: Yes.

Steve: How many tattoos do you have?

Jennifer: One.

Steve: What kind of tattoo do you have?

Jennifer: Linus and Sally from The Peanuts.

Steve: What does that tattoo symbolize?

Jennifer: To me, it symbolizes love and friendship.

Steve: Where on your body did you get your tattoo?

Jennifer: It’s on the upper left side of my chest.

Steve: What was the pain like during the process?

Jennifer: It actually wasn’t bad at all. I was petrified walking into the shop, but the artist that I got was awesome.

Steve: Did the tattoo have an emotional or psychological impact on you?

Jennifer: I just realized that having a tattoo makes you feel different. It felt like that I became a stronger person if that makes any sense.

Steve: Do you plan to get anymore tattoos?

Jennifer: Oh yes, at least five more for sure!

Steve: Which five tattoos are you looking to get?

Jennifer: More Peanuts characters lol.

Steve: Any advice for anyone looking to get a tattoo?

Jennifer: Make sure that you decide to get something that you will not regret and make sure that you get a good artist, because a tattoo is on your body forever. You want it to look good.