Ink-Quiry: Charity Roman

Steve: Do you have tattoos?

Charity: Yes, I have two.

Steve: What are your tattoos?

Charity: A sun and hearts.

Steve: What do your tattoos symbolize?

Charity: New beginning and my kids.

Steve: What was the pain like?

Charity: No pain actually.

Steve: What made you want to get tattooed?

Charity: My first tat was when my ex-husband and I got back together, and I decided to get a sun as a symbol of a new beginning for us. My second tat was on Mother’s Day, so I decided to get hearts to represent my true loves, which are my children.

Steve: How did other people feel about you getting tattooed?

Charity: Some thought they hurt, some think they’re not ladylike to have, and others loved them.

Steve: Do you plan to get anymore tattoos?

Charity: Yes, a Phoenix.

Steve: Any other tattoos that you want to get?

Charity: I always wanted to get a rosary.

Steve: Any advice for people that are thinking about getting tattooed?

Charity: Think very hard about which tats that you want before you get them.

Steve: Did getting tattooed have an emotional or psychological impact in your life?

Charity: I think both, because my next one will mean rebirth to me.