I “Spot” A “Foote”, Part 3

During part one of this miniseries, I’ve mentioned being a fan of actresses, as evidenced by me reiterating certain parts of both Dapper-dactyl and Stage Five And A Half: A Very Pretty Premonition. And like I said in part one, those were just the tip of that iceberg, as there are many more actresses that I haven’t gone on record about, in terms of being a fan. 

Of course, I have since gone down that mountain, by going on record to mention Jessica Chastain as another actress that I’m a fan of. And just like Amy Jo Johnson, something that she did inspired me to come up with a unique tattoo idea that would eventually become my sixth self-tattoo. And as to what that unique inspiration was, well it was a jaguar spot that I was going to freehand on myself and color in with red, white, blue and green ink to cover the four countries that were represented during the circus aspect of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. And as to what the four represented countries are, well you can see them and how they are represented via the chart below:

Country represented in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most WantedHow it’s represented
United StatesThe four main characters (Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria) of the Madagascar trilogy all come from that country.
FranceThe setting of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
RussiaThe country where Vitaly The Tiger (voiced by Bryan Cranston) comes from.
ItalyThe country where Gia The Jaguar obviously comes from. Plus, it’s the country that Stefano The Sea Lion (voiced by Martin Short) comes from.

Like I said in the paragraph prior to the chart, Gia The Jaguar played a major part in me wanting to freehand a jaguar spot on myself. However, that character isn’t the sole reason for deciding to freehand it, as I also wanted the idea to be both inclusive for the other six animal characters listed above and the fact that the third Madagascar movie is unofficially my favorite of the trilogy. 

Of course, I don’t remember when I had exactly planned up this idea nor remembered when I initially decided to tattoo it on myself. But one thing I do know is that I planned to tattoo it on myself after J tattooed my Lady And The Tramp piece on me. And as to when that after was, it was the third Monday of November 2014. 

Tune in tomorrow to the session of it.