I “Humberly” Accept The Task Of This Re-Assessment

In a little over 96 hours, the phrase “two out of three ain’t bad” was rather apropos for me, as I had two separate streaks of four straight successful movie assessments, thus the foreseeable days of struggling to fill open Catch-22 Hundred spots almost coming to a close. However, the operative word here is “almost”, as the surefire plan of eliminating The Last Of The Mohicans in Tier 12 via Slumberland was anything but surefire, due to the latter of the two movies falling apart with something happening in the real world all too quickly after that same something happened in the dream world.

Of course, being one step away from completing the Tier 12 standings is coming with a challenge, although a silver lining in Slumberland can expedite that tier being completed. And as to what that silver lining is, well it’s the fact that I did enjoy the salsa dance dream sequence, where a gorgeous woman named Graciela (Humberly Gonzalez) was the featured dancer. So, given that, I looked up her IMDB filmography to see if she was a part of movie that can potentially be obtained for the Catch-22 Hundred Project. And sure enough, I found such a movie. And not only did I find such a movie because in addition, it was something that I assessed before, with that something being the Bob Odenkirk-led movie “Nobody”. Plus, thanks to Amazon Prime, I can re-assess it this evening.

In summary, this tedium of rounding out Tier 12 will be coming to end in a matter of hours, as Nobody has A] The quirky grit that’s similar to Wanted (an enshrined Catch-22 Hundred movie), B] A vibe that’s slightly similar to the John Wick franchise and C] The Rza and his ability to make almost (Repo Men was meh) all of his movies successful. And of course, there’s now Point D, which is the presence of Humberly Gonzalez. 

Tune in tomorrow to find out the next phase of the Catch-22 Hundred selection process.