How To Slay The Three-Headed Monster Of Monotony, Part 1

When it comes to writing down the plot of a movie in my own words and refining it for an eventual review, I usually have to do as such for a disappointing or garbage movie more times that not. Sure, six awesome movies (Light Years, Speedway Junky, Lust For Love, Innocent, Breaking, Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris) all fell under the category of having their plots written, whether fully or partially, in my own words for eventual movie reviews. But for every one of those such movies, there are 10 such movies that aren’t Catch-22 Hundred worthy. And of course, with all of that being said, my plot-jotting (at least foreseeably) has three soon-to-be disappointing or garbage movies that I want to get out of my system, so that I can resume Catch-22 Hundred evaluations again. And as to what those three straggling movies are, well they are A Thousand And One, A Journal For Jordan and What Doesn’t Kill You. 

However, what I don’t want to do is do the plot jots of those three movies consecutively, as they’ll all just burn me out for this entire week and possibly beyond. So, to counteract that telegraphed feeling, I’ve decided to break up that triangle of trash via having four movies of Catch-22 Hundred potential being assessed before and after them, as I don’t want to go into my evaluation of Batman Forever in a bad mood after my plot jot of What Doesn’t Kill You. And as to what those four movies are, well you can find out via the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
MargauxDespite this movie being only available digitally at this current juncture, it’s a mixture of both Flatliners ’17 and The Menu. Plus, the presence of the now all grown-up Madison Pettis could make it a surprise movie for the Project.
TracersMarie Avgeropoulos has a couple of Catch-22 Hundred movies via 50/50 and I Love You, Beth Cooper. But this movie gives her a bigger role and it could fill the Premium Rush void in the Project.
The Biscuit EaterThe late Godfrey Cambridge deserves a Catch-22 Hundred movie and this movie could be his best posthumous shot at that.
AftershockA Lorenza Izzo movie (The House With A Clock In Its Walls) was evaluated before a Nicole Kidman movie (Aquaman). And now this movie, which features Izzo, will be assessed before the evaluation of Batman Forever.

Well, there you have it. Four yet to be assessed movies that could be tried out as either possible alternatives for any of the 11 (Mending The Line included) movies that are expected to have overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots, or final 78 movies. 

The post-Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris selection process is going to be interesting.