How They Could Fare Against Vegas

From March 2, 2022 through July 3, 2022, Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas has amassed a record of 174-28 against movies that it has been trying to fend off in obtaining its future tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spot. And given that astronomical record, it’s done quite a bit in getting closer to obtaining that spot, as well as provide help for The Farm Squad movies (41 of them) that have been documented in the 83 And Possibly Out! series.

Of course, a projected 81 movies all stand to lose their tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots, which really positions Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas and those documented 41 movies that are on The Farm Squad to get 41 of those 81 tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots. However, there’s one major roadblock that those 41 movies first have to get through and that is the slow-moving logjam of movies (28 to be exact) that currently reside in the same tier (Tier 12) as the most anticipated movie in all of Two ThouCentennial history.

On paper, the current 28 movies that reside in Tier 12 all give the appearance of adding way more to the loss column for Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas. But given that that movie is 124-23 against Tier 12 movies (a few of which that it was expected to lose against), there’s no guarantee of it finishing 124-51 against such movies from March 2, 2022 through October 7, 2022.

Of course, the remaining 28 Tier 12 movies still have to be assessed/re-assessed, so there’s no telling what all the records will show when it comes time for the full-on assessment of Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas. But that doesn’t mean that a list of predictions for how all 28 of those movies could turn out shouldn’t be made, as such a list exists on this page.

To find out how the remaining 28 Tier 12 movies will all do in their assessments/re-assessments, simply view the numbered list below.

**Note: This page has some adult wording. Discretion is advised

**Update: The re-assessments of Brewster’s Millions, Sunset Park, Footloose ’84, Out On A Limb, D.E.B.S., The Odd Couple II, The Penthouse, Committed , Boiling Point, Growing Up Smith, Numb, Dead Presidents and The Great Buck Howard were completed. Plus, the assessments of Redeeming Love, In The Name Of The King 3: The Last Mission, Mandie And The Cherokee Treasure, The Guardian, Comeback Season, Folk Hero & Funny Guy, Uncharted, X, Playmobil: The Movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore, Salt, Stealing Cars, K-911, Vertical Limit, My Antonia, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, Van Wilder: Freshman Year, The Marksman, American Pie Presents: Band Camp, Ron’s Gone Wrong, Lamb, 15 Minutes, Broken Diamonds, Jurassic World: Dominion, Kalamity, Lyle, Red Rocket, Detention, Lightyear, Screaming Dead, The Rift: Dark Side Of The Moon, Love Spreads, A.C.O.R.N.S.: Operation Crackdown, Malevolence 3: Killer, Where The Red Fern Grows ’74, Starship Troopers 2: Hero Of The Federation, Corporate Animals, Where The Red Fern Grows: Part Two, Step Up 3, New Blood, Get On The Bus, Where The Red Fern Grows ’03, The King’s Daughter, Step Up Revolution, Rock The Kasbah, The Girl Next Door, The Trouble With The Bliss and The Finest Hours were also completed.

  1. Death To Smoochy-Robin Williams had a mixed run of R-Rated movies in the early ’00s, with success via One Hour Photo and failure via Insomnia. This one could go either way.
  2. Don Juan DeMarco-Talisa Soto shouldn’t have an over .500 record against all of the actresses that are way more dynamic than her in the Project. This movie is the best chance at evening those odds.
  3. American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile-This movie could outrank a Tier 5 movie in American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules.
  4. American Pie Presents: Beta House-See one spot above.
  5. The Kite Runner-Given how Burn Your Maps and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (two movies that are similar in tone) failed their assessments, there’s not much hope for this movie.
  6. Our House-This movie is the end of the immediate line for Nicola Peltz movies that are up for assessment. And given the subject matter, it could fail just like The Obituary Of Tunde Johnson, one the last movies of hers that was assessed.
  7. We Were Soldiers-If The Patriot (another Mel Gibson movie) can be in the Project, then this movie absolutely deserves an assessment.
  8. Minions: The Rise Of Gru-Illumination has produced 11 movies that are either Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 4. This movie has potential to be number 12.
  9. DC League Of Super-Pets-Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have their other three collaborations in either Tier 1, Tier 3 or Tier 4. This could be could be their fourth such collaboration.
  10. What’s Your Number?-The last chance for Kate Simses to have a movie of hers make the Project.
  11. Answer This!-This movie could be one that outranks both Another Time and Soul Plane in the rankings, as all three movies are Arielle Kebbel movies.
  12. Benji-The name alone makes it deserving of an assessment and could overcome the stigma that the aforementioned Nikki, Wild Dog Of The North gave the movie that’s listed one spot above.
  13. Thor: Love And Thunder-The first three installments of Thor are either in Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 4. This movie could join those three.
  14. Captain America: Winter Soldier-This movie has the upside to outrank Captain America: The World’s First Avenger, the latter of which is a Tier 3 movie.
  15. Captain America: Civil War-See one spot above. Plus, this movie boasts the presence of the late Chadwick Boseman.
  16. Monsters At Large-This movie is Austin St. John’s best chance at having a movie of his make the Project. But based on the previews, it gives the appearance of it being a toss-up against the most anticipated movie in Two ThouCentennial history.
  17. Dingle, Barry-This movie gives Katharine Towne her best chance at having a movie of hers make the Project. However, this movie could fall flat on its face like Tetherball did, as both this movie and that movie are similar in being very crude unrated comedy movies.
  18. K-9: P.I.-Michael Dooley and Jerry Lee are 2-for-2 in making the Project. So because of that success rate, this movie deserves an assessment.
  19. Beast-The presence of Idris Elba and this movie being compared to The Ghost And The Darkness via its preview could have it line to claim one of the revoked tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots after Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas does, as hard copy confirmation for it could be announced after October 7, 2022.
  20. Step Up All In-This movie can be the perfect close to the North American version of this franchise.
  21. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder-The second installment of this franchise was a surprise success in its assessment, thus the pressure being on this movie to deliver.
  22. Starship Troopers: Traitor Of Mars-See one spot above.
  23. Starship Troopers: Invasion-See two spots above.
  24. Duck Duck Goose-This movie is a pinch-hitter that could get into the Project.
  25. Hidalgo-This movie was entertained as assessment all the way back in early-January 2017, in addition to being selected as a pinch-hitter.
  26. The Alamo-See one spot above.
  27. Murder At Yellowstone City-There’s an opportunity for Anna Camp to get one assessment before October 7, 2022 and this movie is that opportunity. And from the looks of its preview, it could give her a seventeenth Two ThouCentennial movie.
  28. Poker Night-This movie is Halston Sage’s last available assessment before October 7, 2022, so it will get assessed. This movie could either way, in terms of passing or failing its assessment.

So yeah, 28 (six of which could either pass or fail) of those movies are projected to claim revoked tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots, but still gives Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas both a projected record of 134-51 against Tier 12 movies and projected overall record of 176-51 against all of those movies, including another 50 (confirmed) against movies that at one time had tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots. So anyway you look at it, the reputation that proceeds Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas bodes well for it, 24 of the 26 movies that were documented in the 83 And Possibly Out! series and seventeen more movies, eleven of were documented in part 11 of that series and two of were documented in part 13 of that series.

Keep tuning into this page to monitor the constant changes in the win-loss record for Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas.