How Do You Feel About This ‘Apple’?

During five of the past six weeks via this page, I blogged about my frustrations with using WebStarts again, as well as the subsequent arduous search of finding a better format for the external Art Infliction guestbook, with the last of those five entries posting a week ago today. And of course, with that being said, the question is, “Will this page have something on it this week?”

Well, the answer is yes. And as to what that answer is, well it’s all of my agitations with the Apple company.

Now, don’t get me wrong because I own Apple devices (four of them to be exact) and they all serve their purposes for me. But as I said in the previous paragraph, the Apple company does agitate me. But instead of making a video showing damage to an Apple device, I have obviously decided to cite my agitations in this entry via the chart below:

ProductReason(s) For Agitation
MacBookEvery time you transition over to a new MacBook, whether Air or Pro, Apple throws in tedious features that prolong the eventual completion of setting up your new laptop. Tedium agitates me, period. But what also agitates me about this is that going through all these steps has always been way too repetitive for me. Plus, when I have a busy work schedule with content creating, I lose almost an hour during the day via going through all this repetitiveness, with the Wednesday before Christmas 2021 being the latest example. Oh yeah, I also hated when they separated the music store and visual media store (movies, TV shows) from one another after the October 9, 2019 macOS update. And speaking of visual media, I hate that all visual media (movies that aren’t available via DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc) that one buys via Apple can only be seen on Apple devices. But more on that last part in a future blog entry.
iPhoneFor one, every time you have to do a software update for your iPhone, they don’t tell you when exactly it’s going to happen. It’s just arbitrary as all get out. And usually when I’m made aware of these arbitrary updates, they always seem to happen either when I got a long weight-lifting session planned or when I’m about to get started a long assignment, i.e. watching a movie that I’m going to eventually review. Plus, after each and every iPhone update, you have to go through repetitive steps with that device as well. Oh yeah, and after each such initial software update on a new iPhone, you can’t e-mail anything to yourself via a text message. But just like the category box of the MacBook, more on the last part of this category box in a future blog entry.
iPadThis device annoys me the least. But if I had to pick one thing to complain about it, it’s the fact that certain apps that I like to use on there are not always compatible with it. At least that was the case with my old iPad.
Apple TVThe only agitation that I have about this device is that the movies app part of it sometimes takes forever to load, with such times always occurring when I’m about to start a movie that I rented from the Apple TV app via a laptop. Plus, every time that the movies app part of the Apple TV takes forever to load, I always have to turn off my multi-socket switchboard outlet to get it (the movies app) to work again.

So yeah, those are my agitations about the Apple company. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has gone through these agitations.  But hopefully this entry, and any (potential) comments below (or the Additional External Comments page) can help remind Apple that they are not too big to acknowledge the flaws that they need to improve, in order for their company to continue to thrive for many more years to come.

Well everyone, that does it for me in this entry. But I’ll be back a week from now to reveal strategies about both obtaining certain visual media and how you can e-mail something to yourself via the iPhone. So with that being said, blog to you all again on this page next week.

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