Guestbook II

Here at Art Infliction, we both encourage and support each and every one of you leaving comments via our website guestbook.

And while we wanted to provide you all with a guestbook with a secure site URL, which our internal guestbook is, we also don’t want the e-mail address field to be a deal breaker in having you sign our guestbook, as not everyone who wants to sign it will feel comfortable filling that field out.

But after Steve Kaycee’s second experiment with the website “diBoks” , an idea was born, as he found the perfect medium for guestbook entries in the form of creating a second guestbook via the aforementioned diBoks. And as to why that medium is perfect, well A) diBoks is a secure site URL and B) there is no required field of an e-mail address to fill out in order to post your comments.

Instead, it’s the simple name and comments fields via the unconventional method of the suggestion box format. But hey, as long as you’re accessing a secure site URL that gives you an opportunity to leave comments, well then the debate between conventional and unconventional is irrelevant in this scenario.

In closing, if you have elected to sign the guestbook via this page instead of our internal website guestbook, then simply click here to leave your feedback about how we’re doing.

Each and every entry will be much appreciated, but please keep the comments appropriate.

Thank you and have an awesome day!