Flickasbord, Volume 9

Yesterday, I somewhat vowed to not do a Flicksabord entry for at least a little while. However, more Flickuum/Land Of Infusion items are fresh on my mind, thus I need to say them now or else I’ll forget, so let’s begin.

First up, I misspoke in Volume 8, as I said that there were 77 open spots for official overall guaranteed Flickuum movies. However, I didn’t take into account that “Past Lives” will be assessed between now and next Tuesday, as it was chosen to take the place of a movie (Ballerina) that would have caught one of the 2,201 overall spots. So, with that sentence being said, “Past Lives” is not expected to be a part of any of the next four Flickuum selection protocols, therefore there will be 78 movies not named “Drive-Away Dolls” that will be ready for those next four protocols. But should “Drive-Away Dolls” have a successful assessment beforehand, then that number will increase to 79, as number 80 won’t happen until “Kung Fu Panda 4” has its assessment completed 15 days from now.

There are movies that have a rainy Saturday afternoon vibe about them, and there are movies that look like they can be watched sometime before or after the Saved By The Bell episode “The Prom” gets watched. And with that being said, “Nightmare Alley ‘21” is a movie that could do both, as it was pardoned from the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page yesterday. Of course, the operative word here is “could”, as it needs to pass its re-assessment. And should it pass its re-assessment, then it will join the four other movies (The Party, The Soloist, The Campaign, Astro Boy) that need one upcoming movie to fail its assessment. But given that it could be a good Conference 12 opponent for “The Northman”, it will be atop the pecking order of those five, should it pass its re-assessment.

And finally, the path to The Project for the four movies not named “Nightmare Alley ‘21” just became way more daunting, as a quartet of upcoming 2024 movies have been added to Tier 9, so that A] One of them can take the place of “Deadpool Vs. Wolverine” in the catching of the rest of the 2,200, B] The other three can be on stand by if “Drive-Away Dolls”, “Imaginary” and “Challengers” all fail their assessments. And as to what that quartet is, well it’s “Back To Black”, “Twisters”, “Borderlands” and “Boy Kills World”, the latter of which is yet another John Wick-inspired revenge movie.

Alright, time to round out the 78 movies that will be a part of the next four Flickuum selection protocols, which should both finalize come next Wednesday and begin to get allocated come next Thursday. Blog to you all on the latter of those two days.