Flickasbord, Volume 7

Going to sleep during the wee hours of yesterday morning, I was feeling confident that all 2,077 overall guaranteed movies finally fell into place, thus me finally looking ahead to my assessment of “Drive-Away Dolls”. However, after feeling that “Sharon 1.2.3.” was a chronological letdown, from the standpoint of it being a Nadine Velazquez movie that came after her best one in “The Bounce Back”, I decided to find a different movie of hers that predated the latter of the two, as A] I want her last chronological Flickuum movie to be her best one, and B] I want her to have as many Flickuum movies as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. And sure enough, I was able to find such a movie in “Kings Of South Beach”, a movie that was released in 2007. Soon, it will be time to look out for the character “Olivia Palacios” in that 2007 movie.

Of course, with the strong push to get “Kings Of South Beach” into The Flickuum Project comes the ouster of “Sharon 1.2.3.”, which won’t diminish Nadine Velazquez’s flourishing stock in the slightest. However, it will deny Erinn Hayes from being a part of Flickuum lore, as her movie filmography doesn’t have many enticing options. But luckily, that endgame could change if A] Her movie that’s either titled “Interior Night” or “Eddie, Kill The President” passes its assessment, B} It can get obtained via hard copy and C] It can beat one of the new/fairly movies that is up for assessment. Regardless, “Sharon 1.2.3.” will be watched one more time as an advanced reminder of what could have been for The Project.

The revoking of the overall guaranteed Flickuum spot for “Sharon 1.2.3.” caused a timing snag yesterday, as its selection was within the 2,100 movies that are spread from Tiers 1 through 6. And given that I want 2,100 movies in those tiers before allowing 77 more to move up to Tier 5, I decided to do an NIT style spot-fill tournament, where 32 movies compete for that spot. Or should I say competed, as that tournament already came and went, with “Replicas” winning it via being the movie that was ranked 25th out of those 32.

Following my plot jot of the Saved By The Bell episode “The Prom” and my assessment of the Nadine Velazquez movie “Clarity”, Jon Heder has had things of his assessed/re-assessed, with “Napoleon Dynamite” being re-assessed after the former and “The Tiger Hunter” being assessed after the latter. And of course, with that being said, he will come into play after the “good-bye viewing” of “Sharon 1.2.3.” via the assessment of his movie “When Jeff Tried To Save The World”. Yes, this movie is mere filler, but something has to fill the time in between that aforementioned “good-bye viewing” and the upcoming “hate-watch” of “The Exorcist: Believer”.

And finally, a movie of the late Christopher Plummer needs to compete March Madness style again, because such competition doesn’t feel the same without any of his movies. And just when it seemed that no standout options were popping up, that over-looked yet hard to forget Heath Ledger-Johnny Depp movie (The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus) came to the forefront via me scrolling through Jude Law’s filmography. And given those four actors make/made up a star-studded cast in a movie that has “Big Fish” vibes about it, I decided to put it as a movie that can serve as both filler and one that needs to beat the odds before the New Year’s Day 2025 deadline. But that daunting task could be a moot point because it has winnable scenarios involving either “Drive-Away Dolls”, “Imaginary”, “Challengers” or “Deadpool & Wolverine”.

Tune in Monday to find out which 23 movies were the ones that indeed got overall guaranteed Flickuum spots 2,078 through 2,100.