Flickasbord, Volume 6 

Yes, I’ve made it known to some people in my inner circle that I will boycott the NFL and anything connected to it, whether before or during this upcoming season. However, the boycott ends when the Kansas City Chiefs are finally dethroned. So, having said all of that, I do like the rule of a team getting rewarded a third coach’s challenge if that team is successful with their first two such challenges. As a matter of fact, I like the rule so much that I put my own spin on it via challenging the validity of “Cats ‘19” being in The Flickuum Project as a fully guaranteed movie and did so a little over six months after I used that spin to challenge the validity of “The Blind Side”, thus also making me feel as if I earned a third Flickuum challenge, which I actually used against “The Poker Club”. And sure enough, I used my three challenges rather quickly, as I of course replaced “The Blind Side” with “Sideways”, followed by replacing the other two banished movies with both Melissa Barrera-Jenna Ortega “Scream” movies. And now that that mini purge has been completed, the now current structure of all 1,622 fully guaranteed Flickuum movies will stand as called.

Speaking of Melissa Barrera, steps have been made to possibly ensure that her movie “Your Monster” will be seen outside of Sundance sometime in 2024, as Bankside Films picked up the international distribution rights for it. And should that be the case, especially with Melissa Barrera’s performance getting effusive praise, then it will avoid the arduous “100 Stand” selection process.

And finally, new movies pop up on my radar every now and then, as A] “Love Lies Bleeding” was brought to my attention one day after I wrote my Top 25 most anticipated 2024 movies entry earlier this year, and B] “Monkey Man” was brought to my attention one day after I was refining my Top 30 list of most anticipated 2024 movies. Now you can add the Amy Winehouse biopic “Back To Black” to that category, as its trailer hit me like a ton of bricks. As a matter of fact, I don’t think the trailer of any music biopic has hit me that hard before and this coming from someone who has evaluated both “Selena” and “All Eyez On Me”. Sure, “Back To Black” might not outrank those two biopics, should it pass its assessment. But it’s definitely going to be assessed because the power that its trailer exudes can’t be ignored.

Tune in tomorrow to find out which two movies got overall guaranteed Flickuum spots 2,076 and 2,077.