Flickasbord, Volume 52

**Note: The following content has some adult wording. Discretion is advised

Early-May 2024 has not been a good month for Ving Rhames, as one day after “Rosewood” launched the “Movies That Mega Tat Refuses To See” page, another 1997 movie of his has been added to that page, with that movie being “Dangerous Ground”. And as to why I refuse to see that movie, well there’s one degrading scene where Ice Cube’s character is walking around completely naked after some not so nice people beat him up and steal all of his clothing afterwards. Yes, I can’t bring myself to see my favorite rapper in a scene as degrading as that.

In a slowly yet surely way, I’ve unofficially begun to stockpile movies for the 2,201 through 2,300 selection protocol, first by hinting that the 1980s “Indiana Jones” trilogy will be assessed/re-assessed sometime (I don’t know when) after my current roster of assessments/re-assessments clears out. And I say “trilogy” because I’m not sure if I want to see “Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls” and “The Dial Of Destiny”, as the former seems like an unnecessary fourth installment, while the latter seems like a woke piece of garbage. Stay tuned.

Eleven is now the magic number for “Do Revenge”, as “Jiu Jitsu” was a low budget action movie that is way worse than the pile of dreck, known as “Knights Of The Zodiac”. And that’s a shame because I was hoping for another live-action movie featuring Marie Avgeropoulos. I guess I’ll just have to settle for “50/50”, “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief” and “I Love You, Beth Cooper” as the only live-action movies of hers that will make The Project. Stay tuned.

And finally, in another item of unofficial stockpiling, I have decided that “Miral” will join the 1980s “Indiana Jones” trilogy on the next assessment/re-assessment roster, as Freida Pinto only has two Flickuum movies, and neither of those movies (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle) give her a role as substantial as the 2010 movie does. And that’s not quite it about why the 2010 movie will join that next roster because in addition, it has the vibe of possibly being a good complimentary movie to “The Help”.

Well, I’m down to 35 assessments/re-assessments and I got 14-plus days to knock them all out. And given how much time that I’ll have on my hands between now and the night of May 20, I should be able to meet my deadline.

Until the next time.