Flickasbord, Volume 50 

**Note: The following content has adult wording. Discretion is advised

I constantly surf Etsy to look for hard to find movies for my constant growing army of Flickuum movies, with movies such as “Sergio” and “The Sea Beast” coming to mind. But this paragraph isn’t about either of those movies, as it’s instead about “Godzilla Minus One”, thanks to the contact (who I purchased Killers Of The Flower Moon from) having it available in his shop. Yes, the latter of the three movies has grown me and now I get the unexpected surprise of finally obtaining it for The Project. Now it’s just a question of when that finality will come.

2024 has not been kind to Harrison Ford, as A) I revoked the fully guaranteed Flickuum spot of Frantic, B) I revoked the fully guaranteed Flickuum spot of Working Girl, C) I revoked the overall guaranteed Flickuum spot of Regarding Henry and D) I revoked the overall guaranteed Flickuum spot of Apocalypse Now. Of course, there was hope for the movie that was alluded to in Point B, only for it to come off as very stale and with the final scene playing hostage taker via it playing all throughout the closing credits. And that wasn’t my only gripe with those closing credits because in addition, I hated the song that played during that particular hostage experience. So, with sentences two and three of this paragraph being said, the Mike Nichols-directed movie is going to join those other three movies on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page. The combined four purges will knock down the legendary actor’s Flickuum amount from 19 to 15, so maybe it’s time to get back to that 19 or close to it via the assessments/re-assessments of the first three Indiana Jones movies, because he’s just way too good to have a reduction in Flickuum movies without having anything to replace the four purged ones. Stay tuned.

Other than “Boy Kills World” and the recently pardoned tandem of “Sister” and “Moving McAllister”, there’s not been anything remotely worthy of The Project, following the assessment of “Abigail”. And of course, with that being said, I thought that “Waiting For Guffman” would help stop that bleeding. But the cringy restaurant scene pertaining to male and female anatomy killed that movie dead in its own tracks, thus making it as big a failure as “A Mighty Wind”. Hopefully this isn’t a recurring theme for all remaining Tier 8 and Tier 10 movies.

Watching the Cinema Sins video of “The Expendables 4”, I noticed an actress who looked like a hotter version of Blue Crush actress Sanoe Lake, which then caused me to try to find out her name via the movies store section of Apple. And sure enough, that try was a successful one, as I found out that her name was Levy Tran, thus I have decided to add two of her movies to the current assessment/re-assessment roster, with them being “Mad Genius” and “Female Fight Squad”. And as to why I chose those two, well they are the ones of hers that most intrigue me, but only one of them needs to succeed, in order for her to be a part of Flickuum lore. Stay tuned to how this 50/50 situation plays out.

And finally, the disappointment that was “Waiting For Guffman” produced a bright spot, with it being that Parker Posey was in that movie. And of course, with that being said, I stumbled upon another Parker Posey movie via the Tubi app, with that movie being “Party Girl”. Furthermore, the stumble ended up planting a seed in my mind via her being a smoke show in the lead role, thus I added the latter of the two movies to the current assessment/re-assessment roster. Here’s hoping to the latter of the two movies not being a flop during its attempt to make The Project.

Well, it’s been 10 days since a Tier 8 or Tier 10 movie has passed its assessment/re-assessment. But that drought will end because there’s a great chance that most of what remains in those two tiers will make it into Tier 11. 

Until the next time.