Flickasbord, Volume 5

Inclusiveness is a polarizing topic to say the least, whether it’s been the opinion about Hollywood’s emphasis on representation or the Art Infliction goal of having numbers 1,900 through 2,300 included in Nog Reports from September 6, 2023 to October 10, 2024. And of course, with the latter being said, commitment to the Art Infliction goal has been fatiguing to say the least, thus me dreading the task of having to constantly write a blog entry.

But after seeing the trailer of the new movie “Monkey Man”, which has Dev Patel starring in his directorial debut and giving off gritty John Wick type vibes, I regained my enthusiasm for movie blogging again, especially since this isn’t a rehash entry. But to the credit of the blog entry “Catching The Rest Of The 22-Hundred”, that entry was created so that movies like Slumdog Wick can beat the January 1, 2025 deadline. And it will, as Patel’s directorial debut will be an April 5 release via Universal Pictures, a company that you know will have pre-order listings available on Amazon.

Speaking of Slumdog, the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”, which put Patel on the movie map, will be getting re-assessed, on the basis of it having the potential to outrank another one of his movies in “About Cherry”. Plus, Freida Pinto is deserving of another Flickuum movie, as all she has is “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes”.

And finally, “Miller’s Girl” has been added to the 2024 theatrical tour to add a much-needed change-up in the Art Infliction schedule. And not only has it been added to the tour because in addition, it can be the new/fairly new movie that either “Slumdog Millionaire”, “Frost/Nixon”, “Godzilla Minus One”, “King Solomon’s Mines ‘50”, “Annapolis”, “White Lion” or “New York, I Love You” needs to lose, in order to get into Tier 5. However, if the new Jenna Ortega movie is a pleasant surprise, that it will be the first movie to go on the 100 Stand page. Regardless, the outcome will cause one domino to fall.

Tune in the day after Patrick Mahomes’ latest illegitimate Super Bowl appearance to find out which 22 movies will have moved up to Tier 5 with Westside Story ’21.