Flickasbord, Volume 44

**Note: The following content has adult wording in it. Discretion is advised

Movies about main characters with conflicted views on the environment have had a history of failing to make The Project, with the rescinding of “The East” being the most recent example of that. And of course, with that being said, I was starting to get the sense that the 2012 movie “Promised Land” had those same exact views, thus I temporarily revoked its overall guaranteed Flickuum spot, as it will be re-assessed within the next 11-plus days. But of course, that movie was among the 2,100 overall guaranteed Flickuum movies, therefore the Melissa Barrera movie “All The World Is Sleeping” has been expedited from Tier 7 to Tier 4, so that it can compete March Madness style posthaste.

Getting the best 2,400 movies (in my vision that is) has been an ongoing process, as movies that seem like prime candidates in getting permanently banned from Flickuum consideration one day end up saving themselves the next. So, with that being said, 13 such movies have put themselves in that exact position and each movie has an exact reason why. And of course, you can find out each movie and their reason via the typical chart format:

MovieWhy it’s alive for The Project
Home ‘21This movie gives Aisling Franciosi a Flickuum movie, and that ending has a vibe that’s somewhat similar to The Shawshank Redemption.
The Biscuit EaterThere are a combined 29 Tier 8 and Tier 10 spots, and there are 32 spots open in Tier 11. This movie is ranked second in this chart, available on hard copy and cleared to move up to Tier 11. All told, this movie will lock down its Tier 11 spot come this weekend.
SergioThis movie has better flow than a successful movie in “Molly’s Game”. Plus, Ana de Armas is a knockout in this movie.
The Sea BeastThis movie benefits from the “grow on” effect and has evaluation line-up versatility.
UpgradedRegardless of what happens with “Musica”, this movie will be in The Project and could be there at the same time as “The Biscuit Eater”.
Material GirlsThis movie is a conjoined triplet of Cow Belles and From Prada To Nada, which are two fully guaranteed Flickuum movies. So, given that and the evolution of the characters that The Duff Sisters play, it will be a guaranteed Flickuum movie again.
Snow DogsThe dogs and the presence of the late James Coburn both give this movie the spark that it needs. Plus, depending on what happens with Greenland, it could be joining the second, fifth and sixth movies in this chart.
King Solomon’s Mines ‘50Given that this movie both got re-assessed before the jot down session of The College Years episode “Marry Me”, and had its ending investigated two days after the assessment of “In The Heights”, it has the potential to be a good complimentary piece to anything that has either Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Melissa Barrera or Nadine Velazquez.
At Eternity’s GateWillem Dafoe turns in an Oscar worthy performance via his portrayal of Vincent Van Gough, and gets help from the ultra-talented Oscar Isaac. Plus, this movie could work well in an evaluation line-up that has The Beekeeper.
The Bad GuysThis movie has franchise upside and is basically a kids version of “The Suicide Squad”, minus the death and other adult content. It’s just a question of fit in an evaluation line-up.
Paws Of Fury: The Legend Of HankThis movie can work well in tandem with “Fall” and is neck-and-neck with the movie that’s listed right above it.
The CampaignIf “Semi-Pro” can be in The Project, then this movie should be as well.
The Electrical Life Of Louis WainIf “At Eternity’s Gate”, can be in The Project, then this movie should be as well.

And finally, two movies that got released via the 2023 film festival circuit throw their hats into the ring, with them being “Lousy Carter” for boasting the trio of Jocelyn DeBoer, Olivia Thirlby and Trieste Kelly Dunn, and the other being “LaRoy, Texas” because it looks like a movie that can be a seamless fit in Conference 20. However, they probably won’t get assessed until sometime after May 6, 2024. Stay tuned.

Well, I had to work through some fine-tuning to see which movies have what it takes to make The Project, thus why I’m farther behind than originally anticipated. But now, I finally have the “working through” aspect of things behind me, thus I can now pin my ears back and see how much closer that I can get to 2,200 overall guaranteed Flickuum movies before the night of May 6, 2024.

Until the next time.