Flickasbord, Volume 43

Two days ago, I made a vow to no longer purge movies from The Flickuum Project. And I almost made good on that vow, only for me to constantly second guess the fully guaranteed Flickuum status of “Material Girls”. And of course, with that being said, I almost completely banished it from The Project, only for me to want to find out the cat breed of Clarence Darnell. So, because of my curiosity about that cat, I’ve decided to send the Hilary and Haylee Duff collaboration to Tier 8 for a second re-assessment. But of course, this semi-purge comes with the fact that Material Girls was a fully guaranteed Flickuum movie, thus causing me to A] Expedite “One For The Money” from Tier 4 to Tier 3 and B] Expedite “North Shore” from Tier 7 to Tier 4.

Additions to Tier 8 have come sooner than originally expected, as A] I found “Blame It On Rio” via Tubi, so I figure that I might as well assess it during these 13-plus days, and B] My search for other Adria Arjona movies was a success via me finding the movie “Wedding In New York” on her IMDB page. And of course, with that being said, I found out that I can assess it almost immediately via it being available to watch on the Plex app. 

Some movies are tough to get a read on, as “Snow Dogs” had its second re-assessment this morning and I found that a lot of the human aspects in it were stupid. As a matter of fact, I slept for about 40 minutes of that movie. But despite that, there might be a couple of silver linings in the 2002 movie, with them being the dogs and the presence of the late James Coburn. So, with all of that being said, this movie’s return to The Project is on life support.

Keeping up with Disney movies about dogs, I re-assessed “The Biscuit Eater” this afternoon to see if I could understand the point of it. And sure enough, I did, but it pretty much needs to win out against all Tier 8 and Tier 10 movies with current accessible assessments/re-assessments, in order to make Tier 11. Stay tuned.

And finally, Eiza Gonzalez has amassed a ninth Flickuum movie, as “The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare” became the seventh consecutive theatrical movie to pass its assessment. And not only did the newest Guy Ritchie movie pass its assessment because in addition, there’s a pre-order listing for it already on Amazon, thus it has made the 2,101 through 2,200 selection protocol.

Well, I hit a couple minor speedbumps in wanting to complete every current accessible assessment/re-assessment. But I have a feasible timeline to complete them all and a good idea in which order that I want to complete in. And I think that I’ll start by getting rid of the thorn that is The Duff Sisters.

Until the next time.