Flickasbord, Volume 4

Throughout the first three volumes of Flickasbord, I’ve blogged about nothing but upcoming 2024 and 2025 movies, as the expansion from 2,200 to 2,300 in the favorites project has unlocked many more movie-assessing possibilities. And while I’ll be blogging about another upcoming movie that somehow slipped through the cracks up until I saw a Chris Stuckmann video yesterday, I’ll be throwing in some variance in this entry, in the form of also blogging about three more movies that are also in Tier 9 of the Land Of Infusion page. Let’s begin.

Alright, so during the span of 2019 through 2021, I’ve made it a mission to see both “The Mule” and “Cry Macho”, as I thought that those two movies would be the last ever in the impressive career of Clint Eastwood. However, the 93-year-old legend has another movie coming, in the form of “Juror #2”, where he will be both the director and a supporting actor. This one is said to be his last ever movie and should that be the case, then I want to see such history on the big screen, because seeing that movie is tantamount to seeing a legendary athlete play his or her last ever game.

In the upcoming many March Madness style tournaments for movies looking to get fully guaranteed Flickuum spots, I thought about it perhaps being time to possibly get one more Minka Kelly movie in such a format, as she was the actress that was originally supposed to be the queen of The Flickuum Project. But of course, it’s been a four-year game of hot potato via the likes of Anna Camp, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Nadine Velazquez all battling each other for that title. Still, I’ll never forget Minka Kelly taking the Project by storm in 2017 via such movies as “The Roommate”, thus I’ve decided that an early movie of hers in “State’s Evidence” will be assessed, so that the three hot potato contestants can possibly engage in March Madness style tournaments against her (Minka Kelly) at least one last time.

And finally, I’ve been going back and forth about whether Winnie The Pooh themed movies should get Flickuum consideration or not, as I felt that the three movies (Goodbye Christopher Robin, Christopher Robin, Piglet’s Big Movie) were a disservice to my childhood memories of watching the Winnie The Pooh cartoon. But after A] Acknowledging the possibility of “Goodbye Christopher Robin” being a more uplifting “sad” movie than “Bold Native”, and B] Finding out that Hayley Atwell plays Ewan McGregor’s wife in “Christopher Robin”, I decided to add those two movies, along with “State’s Evidence”, to the current leg of the movie assessment/re-assessment marathon, which was 14-deep beforehand. Make it 17-deep now.

Tune in on Monday to find out the rehashed/running count of movies that made The Flickuum Project, following the full-on assessment of “Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas”.