Flickasbord, Volume 39

Last night, something dawned on me, with that something being that 2,300 movies will be in The Flickuum Project when it’s all finally said and done. And as to why that dawned on me, well that’s 23 increments of 100, with a “50” coming at the end of the halfway point, which is 1,150. 

But of course, with that being said, I don’t like the idea of blogging about the completion of half an increment of 100, especially when I know that 1,150 will come pretty quickly after 1,100. So, in a move to A] Blog about complete increments of 100 from now until the end of The Project, and B] Counter any potential logjams, I’ve decided to expand The Project one last time, going from 2,300 to 2,400. 

Yes, I don’t have a totally defined plan about how I want to allocate spots 2,202 through 2,400. But I do have amendments to prior plans, with the first one being that The 99ers page will change back to “100 Stand”. And since that will be the case, well “Transformers One” won’t necessarily get the 2,201st overall guaranteed Flickuum spot, thus spots 2,201 through 2,300 will very likely turn into an open competition for movies of Flickuum quality, regardless of their release year. However, there could be some ground floor opportunity for the likes of “American Heist”, “Good Luck Chuck” and “Sergio”, as those three movies are movies that might not get spots 2,100 through 2,200. And should that be the case, well then the brand new 2,201 through 2,300 selection protocol will have some building blocks already. Furthermore, this move has also been made to A] Treat the Spider 25 page like a Major League Baseball roster expanding from 25 players to 40 players, B] Give “Your Monster” a second option in avoiding The 100 Stand page altogether and C] Possibly move the tournament style eligibility deadline to New Year’s Day 2026, so that the Melissa Barrera-led movie can compete tournament style.

Well, the challenge of creating storage space for 100 more hard copies will eventually be upon me, but I’ll be ready for that since I constantly anticipate moving what I already have into different spaces as is. And while The Project has expanded from 2,300, to 2,400, its name will remain The Flickuum since it’s a name that can work with any number, unlike Catch-22 Hundred.

Until the next time.