Flickasbord, Volume 33

After two days of no site news, I’m back blogging and blogging about more Flickuum related stuff at that. And of course, with that being said, let’s begin.

First up, my decision to re-assess the 2018 version of “A Star Is Born” ended up being a good one, as the movie gave off vibes that are similar to any Clint Eastwood-directed movie that has made The Project, such as Million Dollar Baby. So, given that, the Bradley Cooper-directed movie became the 16th movie to land in Tier 11. Looks like The Hangover trilogy star learned a lot being in the Eastwood-directed movie “American Sniper”.

Every time that I think purging has been completed within the 2,100 overall Flickuum guaranteed movies, other movies begin to bug me, with “The Old Man & The Gun”, “The New Guy” and “The East” being the most recent ones. And as to why they have begun to bug me, well the first one is a bit of a letdown for Robert Redford, following the fantastic 2016 movie “Pete’s Dragon”, the second one features Vanilla Ice playing a punk rock type bouncer rather unconvincingly and the third one has a payoff that is a little too convoluted. So, to keep the 2,100 intact, the second and third installments of “Taken”, have both been expedited from Tier 4 to Tier 2, along with “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” being expedited from Tier 4 to Tier 3, followed by “Ride Along 2”, “Anyone But You” and “Uncharted” all being expedited from Tier 7 to Tier 4. Alright, now all the purging is out of my system.

My pending assessment of the Jordana Brewster movie “Nearing Grace” caused me to do a deep dive into another movie of hers, with that movie being “American Heist”. And as to what this deep dive entailed, well A] The similarities to the 2010 movie “The Town” and the alterations to them made a lot of sense to me, B] The movie is neck-and-neck with another Hayden Christensen movie in “Takers” and C] I love the chemistry that Christensen has with Brewster. So, given all those points, the 2014 movie has been pardoned from the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, followed by being placed in Tier 7 as one of four fallback options.

Speaking of those fallback options, the David Duchovny-led “Evolution” was already designated as another one of them last week via “Flickasbord, Volume 31”, thus marking the 2001 movie and “American Heist” as half of those four. And as to what two movies make up the other half, well they are “Frost/Nixon” for having the potential to be a good Conference 26 opponent for “Timeline” and “Margin Call” for having the potential to be neck-and-neck with “The Crash”. However, all four of those movies will need movies, such as “Road House ‘24”, “House Of The Dead 2”, “My Sister” and “Julie & Julia” to fail assessment/re-assessment.

The ouster of “The Old Man & The Gun” leaves John David Washington having only one Flickuum movie, with that one being him as a kid actor in 1992’s “Malcolm X”, which stars his famous father, Denzel. But of course, the younger Washington needs a movie with a substantial role in The Project, thus I have decided to add the movie “Beckett” to the current roster of assessments/re-assessments, due to it potentially being his only other movie with the best chance to make The Project. Plus, it features Alicia Vikander.

And finally, the search for a Sandra Bullock movie worthy of competing against movies that have Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Melissa Barrera and/or Nadine Velazquez has ended, as I have finally decided to add “Murder By Numbers” to the current assessment/re-assessment roster, due to it being a slightly edgier version of a Morgan Freeman “Alex Cross” movie. Plus, it’s the one-time Oscar winner’s best foreseeable chance at having another movie of hers make The Project, following the permanent banishment of “Two If By Sea”.

Well, all the purging from The Project is now out of my system, as I’m completely happy with both the 2,100 overall guaranteed Flickuum movies, and the 50 (including Love Lies Bleeding and Home ’21) movies that are on pace to move up to move to Tier 5. But there is an ongoing hurdle to clear, with that being which 30 movies will join in The Project.

Tune into upcoming Nog Reports to find out.