Flickasbord, Volume 30

**Note: The following content has adult wording. Discretion is advised

Another day and another Flickasbord entry, as I’m having way too much time in between assessments/re-assessments and evaluations, especially since I keep finding wrongs that I want to right for The Flickuum Project. But I’m at least discovering all of this now instead of when evaluations are about to resume. So, with all of that being said, let’s delve right into Volume 30 via the next paragraph.

First up, one of the first movies that I went back and forth about during late-2022 was “Funny Farm”, due to it having the vibe of being a perfect evaluation before a viewing of the Saved By The Bell episode “The Last Dance”, while also remembering that the 1988 movie had a somewhat incomplete feel to it. And of course, now that I have all this non-evaluation time on my hands still, my memory of that somewhat incomplete feel came back to me, thus prompting me to revoke the overall guaranteed Flickuum status of the 1988 movie, followed by awarding it to “Drive-Away Dolls” via expediting the Ethan Coen-directed movie from Tier 7 to Tier 4. 

One day after assessing “Funny Farm”, I assessed “Something The Lord Made” probably because it was an acclaimed made-for-cable movie that cost 99 cents (plus Texas state sales tax) to rent. However, when I did that early-March 2019 assessment, I felt under-whelmed, thus I put (and kept) it on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page before I started choosing movies to re-assess from October 2020 through October 2022. And of course, with that being said, I re-assessed it in late-June 2021 and had a much more positive reaction to it. But after realizing A] The Mos Def-Alan Rickman collaboration is too adjoined at the hip with the aforementioned “Funny Farm”, B] Not loving the treatment of some of the dogs at all in the 2004 movie and C] The 2004 movie being based on hearsay, I decided to revoke its overall guaranteed Flickuum status, followed by both giving its Conference 10 spot to “The New Mutants” and expediting “Donnybrook” from Tier 7 to Tier 5.

Movies with that “slow burn grit” vibe tend to do well in making The Project, with “The World Made Straight” and “Hollow In The Land” being two movies that fall under that category. However, for every movie, such as those two, there’s “Juggernaut”, a movie that does a poor job in A] Telling us its exact setting and B] Giving a proper close to its ending, despite the fact that it boasts the presence of Amanda Crew. Of course, Points A and B both unfortunately outweigh the presence of the “Charlie St. Cloud” starlet, thus I have decided to revoke its overall guaranteed Flickuum status, followed by expediting “North Hollywood” from Tier 7 to Tier 4.

Speaking of “The World Made Straight”, one of its cast members, Steve Earle, appeared in another movie during the year 2015, with that movie being “Dixieland”. And unlike the former of the two movies, the latter of the two movies is one in which he plays a much more redeemable character. However, the ending of the latter movie feels a little too rushed, along with the fact that it simply won’t mesh with the former of the two movies and “Hollow In The Land”. So, given the drawbacks of the aforementioned “Dixieland”, I have decided to revoke its overall guaranteed Flickuum status, followed by expediting “The Frighteners” from Tier 7 to Tier 4.

For nearly five years, I touted the 2018 version of “A Star Is Born” as a movie that can simultaneously be the best movie for both Dave Chappelle and Andrew Dice Clay. But after realizing the implausibility of Sam Elliott playing Bradley Cooper’s older brother (31-year age difference in real-life), I’ve decided that this particular star won’t be shining in The Flickuum Project, so I have decided to revoke its overall guaranteed spot, followed by both expediting “Hollywood Ending” from Tier 5 to Tier 4 and expediting the Agnes Bruckner movie “Dreamland” from Tier 7 to Tier 5.

The expediting of not one, but two Margaret Qualley movies has done two things, with the first one being that it’s the first of the three movies that has become exempt from the protocol of relying on other movies to fail their assessments/re-assessments, in order to make The Flickuum Project. And as for the second thing, well there are now 28 open spots in the 2,101 through 2,201 selection protocol, although that number is actually 26, as both “La Bamba” and “Filly Brown” have too been exempt from the selection protocol that “Drive-Away Dolls” was briefly subjected to. Talk about the benefits of a major logjam loosening up.

In the only non-Tier 4 through Tier 7 item, Melissa Barrera’s other 2024 movie “Your Monster” is getting closer to a USA wide release date, as a recent report indicated that it would be released later on this calendar year. Yes, that date is unspecified, but the strong possibility of it being released this calendar year could allow it to avoid the impending savagery of The 99ers page, especially if I elect to change the cut-off date for all the movies that have been or will be chosen to compete March Madness style.

And finally, there are 23 viable movies for the 2,101 through 2,201 selection protocol, although about 14 of them are expected to pass their assessments/re-assessments. So, in a move to replenish depth, movies such as “All Is Lost”, “Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis” and “Something New” will be brought in to potentially help off-set some of the potential failures, as there is still a slight disparity between viable movies and foreseeably open Flickuum spots. Plus, those three movies are only a part of this big equation, as I’ll be searching the streaming apps for more possible Flickuum candidates. Stay tuned.

Well, I have it in my mind that April 15 will be the day that Flickuum evaluations will resume, so I better haul ass once the 04-03-24 Nog Report posts on Facebook. And of course, on that note, I’ll blog to you all again next week.