Flickasbord, Volume 27

Given that I’ve become resigned to the strong possibility that I’ll never find a good Mari Morrow movie for The Flickuum Project, I began to second-guess my decision of having “Black Knight” but not “National Security” in The Project, as A] Both movies are Martin Lawrence movies and B] The latter is a Mari Morrow movie. So, with that being said, I revoked the former’s fully guaranteed Flickuum status, followed by expediting “The Stranger Beside Me” from Tier 7 to Tier 2.

Of course, the promotion of “The Stranger Beside Me” opens up another spot in the 2,101 through 2,201 selection protocol, thus a little less pressure is on the now 25 movies that are on the current movie assessment/re-assessment roster. But instead of adding a pre-2023 movie to the roster, I’ve instead decided to allow “Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire” to compete for one of the open Tier 11 spots, followed by putting “Civil War” as anorange moviesince the latter of the three movies will come out two weeks before the movie (Challengers) that it was originally supposed to be the fallback option for. Furthermore, this move ensures that the two upcoming April movies each get a fair shot to make The Project.

And finally, Tier 11 gained a ninth movie, as “Justice League: War” lived up to its expectations, thanks to A] The movie getting better as it went on, B] It having a mid-credits scene that can be somewhat comparable to the ending of “MFKZ” and C] Shemar Moore being the x-factor as Victor Stone/Cyborg. Make that overall guaranteed Flickuum movie number four for Moore.

Well, I put a bit of a dent into the completion goal, along with getting a first successful assessment/re-assessment since “The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus”. But I’m going to need to rev it up even more if I want April 8 to be the resumption of evaluations for The Flickuum Project. 

Tune into the next seven (April 1 through April 7) Nog Reports for further progress on the current assessment/re-assessment roster.