Flickasbord, Volume 26

I didn’t think that I would be back so soon with Volume 26. But here I am with just that, as a lot of stuff has happened since Volume 25 posted. Let’s begin.

First up, for a little over three years, I had “True True Lie” in Tier 4, as I thought that the trio of Lydia Leonard, Jaime King and Annabelle Wallis were good enough to help the movie overcome being compared to “Delirium”, the latter of which it’s similar to. But the more that I thought about the similarities, the less confident that I felt about the 2010 movie, so I revoked its overall guaranteed Flickuum spot, followed by both moving “96 Minutes” up from Tier 5 to Tier 4 and awarding the vacated Flickuum spot to “California Solo”. And as of course, I did all of this a few hours after A] Replacing “Frantic” with “Raging Bull” and B] Replacing “Anthropoid” with “Bottoms”, as I took advantage of the “10 days prior to resumption” rule one last time.

Following my three-assessment/re-assessment losing streak of “Sabotage”, “Never Die Alone” and “Not Another Teen Movie”, the streak turned into six via the not so successful assessments of “Bonnie And Clyde”, “Filly Brown” and “Nikita Blues”, although the middle of the latter three could benefit from the “grown on” effect. So, should that be the case, then we could say five of the six were losing efforts instead of a six-assessment/re-assessment losing streak. Stay tuned.

With the recent futility of the six assessments/re-assessments following “The Voyeurs”, replenishing the current roster of assessments/re-assessments could happen again, given that the minimum of 80 successful movies for the 2,101 through 2,201 selection protocol might not be met by April 8, especially since there is no way that 22 of the next 26 assessments/re-assessments will pass. So, in an attempt to find a surefire Flickuum movie, the Meryl Streep movie “Out Of Africa” has been added to the current roster, due to a roommate of mine heaping praise on it. Let’s see if that movie can deliver.

And finally, a movie that I’ve been back and forth on is finally starting to trend upwards, as “La Bamba” has finally grown on me, due to A] Me finally forgiving the fact that Lou Diamond Phillips was cast in the role of the late Ritchie Valens, and B] The fact that the La Bamba song was sung in the Saved By The Bell: The College Years episode “A Thanksgiving Story”, the latter of which just makes that movie even cooler. However, it’s going to need at least three of the 27 movies not named “Out Of Africa” to fail assessment/re-assessment.

Alright, there’s still a chance that the resumption of evaluations for The Flickuum Project could be April 8, but that’s predicated on how the next 27 assessments/re-assessments do. So, with all of that being said, stay tuned.