Flickasbord, Volume 24

When it comes to wanting current assessments/re-assessments cleared before evaluation time, it gets frustrating every time that the schedule gets prolonged, as one more addition to the roster means that evaluation time gets pushed back by another week. Or in this case, six more additions, although those six could come in handy if multiple likely Flickuum movies fail assessment/re-assessment since such a scenario has happened before. And of course, with all of that being said, here are those six movies, starting with the next paragraph.

First up, a movie that keeps popping up via the multiple streaming apps that I use is “Treacherous”, one of Tia Carrere’s first post-Wayne’s World movies and yet another movie that could unleash her sexiness just like “Showdown In Little Tokyo” did. However, her claim to fame was, is and always will be as Cassandra Wong, so my expectations for this particular movie are modest at best.

During the last three months of 2023, I constantly tried to get another Marie Avgeropoulos movie into The Project, as I had six such attempts. However, each such movie had something that I didn’t like, thus I became resigned to the fact that she might never have another Flickuum worthy movie ever again. But thanks to keeping an open mind about adding to the current roster, I decided to take a flier on her movie “Jiu Jitsu”, with the hope that that assessment could be lucky attempt number seven (since October 2023) as far as potential Flickuum movies go. And given that I’m picking up “TKO” vibes with this movie, lucky attempt number seven (since October 2023) could indeed be the case with the 2020 movie.

Thanks to Nadine Velazquez, Shemar Moore’s Flickuum stock has risen, except he doesn’t have nearly as many movies for me to choose from, whether before or after “The Bounce Back”. But still, no harm in trying to find his fourth Flickuum movie, as he’s just way too cool to have just three of them. So, try I did and sure enough, I stumbled across him lending his voice to a series of Justice League 2D-animated movies. However, I could only pick one, due to the time constraints that I’m currently dealing with, so I chose the first Justice League 2D-animated movie, which is “Justice League: War”. Of course, DC Comics 2D-animated movies are hard to predict because for every “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow”, there’s a “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines”. So, given that those two movies are the comps for “Justice League: War”, I’ll lean towards predicting the 2014 movie as the second-best of those three movies yet with a very good chance to make The Project, due to the presence of Moore.

The recent ouster of “Romeo Must Die” leaves me without a DMX movie for The Project, which is something that didn’t dawn on me until just now. I guess I can thank a practice fight via a water bottle between Jet Li and Russell Wong for that. But jokes aside, the late rapper deserves a movie of his in The Project, so I finally pardoned “Never Die Alone” from the One Hun-Dread page to see if it’s better 20 years later. Of course, there are other DMX movies, but this one is the only one that I can assess/re-assess before my evaluation of “Air Force One”, thus the 2004 movie is in a “have to have it” situation. Stay tuned.

A movie that I keep forgetting to assess is “Theater Camp”, which was a movie that I deemed a potential pleasant surprise yet keeps getting lost in the shuffle. But that’s bound to happen when celebrities like Taylor Schilling, Jon Heder, Mari Morrow, Daniela Pineda, Rose Byrne, Idalis DeLeon, Beverley Mitchell and Shemar Moore all emerge with potential Flickuum movies. Still, I owe that movie my time since it’s in my Hulu queue, along with the fact that the new target date for resuming The Project is April 8. And even though the Ben Platt movie faces a steep uphill climb in making The Project, it could be optioned as a 99er since it’s a 2023 (or beyond) movie. Stay tuned.

I have a peculiar thing about numbers matching among two different things, such as the time that Bob Costas said that Michael Jordan’s first half point total in a 1998 NBA Finals game matched his uniform number, which was the iconic 23 during his playing days. And of course, with that being said, Bob Costas’ observation periodically pops into my head, with the wee hours of this morning being the latest time that that happened. You see, I was thinking about how many Nadine Velazquez movies that I’ve either seen or will see, with the total about to be 19 via my pending assessment of “House Of The Dead 2”, which then prompted me to add another movie of hers to the current assessment/re-assessment roster since I want the total number of her movies that I see to match her birthday number of 20. So, with that being said, I took a flier on the 2014 movie “My Sister” since it’s listed in her IMDB filmography. Now it’s just a matter of where her nondescript character pops up via that movie.

And finally, the fourth “Bad Boys” movie has gone the “Deadpool 3” route via changing its title, as it went from the lazily named “Bad Boys 4” to the much more badass “Bad Boys: Ride Or Die”. And of course, I found this out yesterday via seeing the first official trailer for it. And based on what I saw, all I have to say is that June can’t come soon enough, despite 12 movies being before it on my 2024 theatrical tour.

Alright, now it’s time to haul ass like never before via all these assessments/re-assessments, thus the “fresh on my mind” type content-creating and/or product template-building will be scaled back big time, although I have a much more feasible timetable. But still, I’m going to haul ass. So, on that note, tune into all Nog Reports before April 8 to find out about all upcoming blog postings and/or product templates.

Until the next time.