Flickasbord, Volume 20

 In the previous Flickasbord entry, I mentioned cranking out all these particular blog entries as fast as these “Now That’s What I Call Music” albums get cranked out, although I’ll need 69 more such entries to keep pace. However, I’m not about tying and breaking someone else’s record at all, as I’m all about publishing what’s on my mind. So of course, with that being said, time to blog about what’s on my mind this time via the next paragraph.

First up, I thought that I was totally at ease about all 2,100 overall guaranteed Flickuum movies after sending both “Down Periscope” and “Snake And Mongoose” packing. But after realizing that “The Ringer” and “Champions” can’t co-exist in The Project together, I made a move after the first quarter of the qualifying round for the current spot-fill tournament via booting the former of those two movies out of The Project. And of course, with that being said, I had to act quick in filling both the Tier 4 spot of the newly booted movie and expediting a Tier 7 movie up to Tier 5 since a Tier 5 movie was going to be expedited up to Tier 4. And to what movies filled both those voids, well I expedited “Nobody” up to Tier 4 via Tier 5, followed by expediting “Mending The Line” up to Tier 5 via Tier 7. Alright, now all 2,100 overall guaranteed Flickuum movies remain intact again.

Of course, “Mending The Line” being expedited up to Tier 5 means the addition of a new movie for the 2,101 through 2,201 selection protocol, as that movie being expedited gives that selection protocol one less option. So, with that being said, the remake of “Road House” will be added to the current roster of assessments/re-assessments, due to it both looking way better than the original and having the presence of Daniela Melchior. 

And finally, I wasted my damn time re-assessing “The Crow”, as my mood for re-assessing it was less enthusiastic than it was during my early-March 2018 assessment of it. So, given that, “Upgraded” will get a reserved for hard copy obtainment designation in Tier 7 since Camila Mendes has caused the stock of that movie to rise.

Alright, tune in tomorrow to my blog entry about YouTube movie reviewers via the Kaycee And The Forefront page.