Flickasbord, Volume 2

Six days ago, I cited “Nosferatu”, the third “Paddington” movie, “M3GAN 2.0”, “Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse” and “MaXXXine”, as all five of those movies are movies that I’m highly anticipating either late this year or in 2025. Or should I say were, as my decision to see the latter (MaXXXine) of those five movies was predicated on whether I would enjoy “Pearl” and “X”, which I honesty did not. So, with that being said, the aforementioned “MaXXXine” won’t be a part of my theatrical tour, regardless of whichever year that it does come out.

Speaking of movies that won’t be a part of my theatrical tour, I’ve decided to wait for “Night Swim” to come out on either Apple, Amazon or Netflix, as I refuse to use a theatrical trip on a movie that has been deemed to be an insult to anyone’s intelligence. And given that I didn’t want to start my 2024 theatrical tour with that movie, I instead decided to put “Poor Things” in its place, only for that movie to kill its own momentum, starting with the subplot in which how Bella Baxter (Emma Stone) makes money in Paris, France. Too bad that that movie had to be the one that I chose in place of the aforementioned “Night Swim” as the first movie of my 2024 theatrical tour.

Ever see a trailer of a movie that makes you feel dismissive about it, only to all of a sudden be interested in seeing it? Well, that’s how I view the upcoming “Madame Web” movie, as a movie about the main female protagonist teaming up with three other females reminds of a certain 2020 movie with a similar premise. That’s right, I’m talking about 2020’s “Birds Of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn”, a movie that I almost didn’t see, due to its connection to the 2016 movie “Suicide Squad”. However, I’m glad that I went against that grain, as the zaniness of that 2020 movie had me glued to my television set all the way through. And with that being said, I think I’ll go against this grain, as the Dakota Johnson-led movie is in the same cinematic universe as the disappointment, known as “Morbius” yet should be judged on its own merits instead of being punished for simply being a part of the same cinematic universe as the aforementioned “Morbius”, especially when both movies seemingly have a lesser connection to one another, compared to the two Harley Quinn movies. So yeah, “Madame Web” will be spinning its way into my 2024 theatrical tour.

Thanks to the YouTuber “3C”, I now know the name of that yet to be titled Universal Monster movie that will be released this coming April 19. And as to what that name will be, well it will be “Abigail”, a movie where a band of wannabe criminals kidnap the daughter of a wealthy man, only for that man to be Dracula. Of course, I was anticipating this movie before its title became official and seeing the trailer of it via YouTube just increases that anticipation even more. Plus, it had me at Melissa Barrera.

Speaking of April 19, one of Melissa Barrera’s contemporaries in Eiza Gonzalez also has a movie coming out that day, entitled “The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare”. It’s a movie that will be set during the World War II timeframe and will be something that I will be adding to my 2024 theatrical tour, especially since A] Movies set during the World War II era tend to fare well in making The Flickuum Project and B] “Mickey 17” has had its United States wide release date pushed back to a yet to be determined release date. I’ll be surely on the lookout for when that new release date will be, as I want to see that movie as well.

Ever hear of a movie that reminds you of childhood nostalgia, but could be too childish for you to see theatrically as an adult? Well, those are the vibes that I’m getting with “Harold And The Purple Crayon”, a movie that I’ve heard of in name only. And since I’ve heard of it in name only, I won’t exactly be kicking down any theater doors to go see it, but I’ll check it out via streaming around the time that I’ll be watching “GoldenEye” for fun.

And finally, there is official word on what Disney will release theatrically in November 2024. And it’s something that I kind of knew was coming yet didn’t necessarily expect this calendar year. And as to what that something will be, well it will be “Incredibles 3”, which will A] Mark the fifth calendar year that Pixar will have multiple releases, B] Mark the third calendar that Pixar will have multiple theatrical releases and C] Mark Pixar’s 29th release in exactly 29 years of existence.

Tune in on Sunday to find out what will be on the theatrical horizon for 2025.