Flickasbord, Volume 18

Sydney Sweeney’s character in “Anyone But You” is being blasphemous again, as I booted two more movies from The Flickuum Project, with them being “Down Periscope” and “Snake & Mongoose”. And while I want to finally stop second-guessing something (the fully guaranteed Flickuum movies) that started with “The Wedding Singer” all the way back in 1999, there are reasons why the middle of those two movies have been booted. And as to what those reasons are, well when it comes to the aforementioned “Down Periscope”, I just can’t picture Kelsey Grammar being a maverick submarine captain, while “Snake & Mongoose” is just a weird fit in a Project that has “The World Made Straight”, as both of those movies are Noah Wyle movies. However, I acted fast in maintaining the 2,100, as I expedited “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children” to Tier 2 and “The Game Plan” to Tier 3 and expedited them from Tier 4. And speaking of Tier 4, I expedited both “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” and “Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris” to that tier via Tier 7. Okay, now no more tinkering with Tiers 1 through 6.

Saved By The Bale: I almost revoked the overall guaranteed Flickuum spot of “Public Enemies”, only for me to realize that Christian Bale was excellent in his portrayal of the late FBI agent, Henry Purvis. Furthermore, the fact that Johnny Depp (as John Dillinger) has more screen time in the aforementioned “Public Enemies” than Forest Whitaker (as the eviler Idi Amin) does in “The Last King Of Scotland” opens the door for the latter of the two movies to get strong Flickuum consideration again, especially with James McAvoy being a soothing presence via his portrayal of Dr. Nicholas Garrigan.

Four could be a crowd: Despite me no longer feeling morally conflicted about “The Last King Of Scotland”, that movie does have an arduous path to get one of those available Flickuum spots, as A] The want for another live-action Charlize Theron movie in The Project has led to “2 Days In The Valley” being selected as a movie that will be re-assessed, B] The want for a Peter Sellers in The Project has led to the addition of “The Pink Panther ‘63” to the current movie assessment/re-assessment roster, C] “Upgraded” could make The Project even if “The Perfect Date” passes its assessment, as both movies are Camila Mendes movies, and D] Any movie from the trio that’s “Alone/Together”, “Theater Camp” and “The Kill Room” could position itself to get the open Flickuum spot that “Rumble In The Bronx” failed to get. And should nothing but success happen for all those non-Forest Whitaker movies, then its next best bet is to have both “Civil War” and “Challengers” fail their assessments, in order to make it to Tier 5. Oh yes, and the movies from those first two points have been chosen to take the Tier 7 spots of both “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” and “Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris”.

And finally, the 2,101 through 2,177 selection protocol could become 2,101 through 2,178 come this afternoon, as “Arthur The King” already has a pre-order listing on Amazon and could become a candidate for that protocol, should it pass its assessment. I’m totally confident that it will.

Alright, time for me to clear my current queue of movie assessments/re-assessments, as the resumption of The Flickuum Project awaits. So, with that being said, blog to you all again on Thursday.