Flickasbord, Volume 17

The blasphemy of Sydney Sweeney’s character in “Anyone But You” has returned yet again, as I found one last “square peg in a round hole” type movie. And as to what that movie is, well it’s “Mo’ Money”, due to it being a movie that can’t co-exist with both “Major Payne” and “Beverly Hills Cop” in The Flickuum Project. And given that the 1992 movie is a Tier 3 movie, “We Are Marshall” will be expedited to that tier, while “Tron Legacy” finally moves up to Tier 4.

Of course, I was once again able to come up with a way to prevent major chaos for the group of overall guaranteed Flickuum movies. However, I’m once again one movie short in the selection protocols for Flickuum spots 2,101 through 2,201. And given that movies, such as “The Bounce Back” and “In The Heights”, don’t exactly grow on trees, I was really struggling to find a quality movie to add to the current roster of assessments/re-assessments. Or so I thought, as I came up with a triple platoon system, meaning that the best one among “Spies In Disguise”, “Adult Beginners” and “I Give It A Year” will take the spot of “We Are Marshall” in Tier 7. And as to why those movies will be in such a system, well “Spies In Disguise” is a “flier movie”, due to the constant controversy surrounding Will Smith, while the other two are Rose Byrne movies and it’d be awesome to have a Rose Byrne not named “Irresistible” square off against The Bounce Back March Madness style. And should two of those three movies pass their assessments, well then one of them can be held in reserve if both “Challengers” and “Civil War” don’t “wow” in their assessments.

Alright, now it’s time to go get 14 more movies to join “Force Of Nature”, “Champions”, “6 Month Rule”, “A Christmas Story Christmas”, “Prisoners” and “Kung Fu Panda 4” in Tier 11. So, with that being said, blog to you all again on Thursday.