Flickasbord, Volume 16

Sydney Sweeney’s character in “Anyone But You” is being blasphemous again, as second-guessing the 2,100 overall guaranteed Flickuum movies has reared its head yet again via the movies “Midnight Run”, “Mad City”, “Seven Years In Tibet”, “Darling Companion”, “Wimbledon” and “You’re Not You” all being the ones in question. But after A] Coming to the realization that the first of those six movies is going to be a weird Flickuum fit with both “The Irishman” and “Killers Of The Flower Moon”, B] Remembering that I wasn’t impressed at all with the second of those six movies, C] Finding the third of those six movies to be a bland one that took itself way too seriously, D] Feeling both a bit let down and mystified at the conclusion of the fourth of those six movies, E] Having a hard time separating the fifth of those six movies from the aforementioned fourth of those six movies and F] The sixth of those six movies being a weird Flickuum fit with “Beautiful Creatures”, I revoked the overall guaranteed status for all of them, followed by 1] Upgrading “A Comedy Of Horrors”, “The Immigrant”, “The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift”, “Within”, “Black Samson” and “12 Strong” to Tier 4, 2] Expediting both “K-911” and “Gattaca” to Tier 3” and 3] Expediting “One Man And His Cow” to Tier 2.

Prior to the final revamp of all 2,100 overall guaranteed Flickuum movies, the likely “odd movies out” were “Filly Brown” and “Snowmen”, due to the latter needing the former to not “wow” in its assessment. But a precarious situation turned into a luxury for those two movies, as they now get first dibs on two of those six open spots in what will ultimately be the 2,101 through 2,201 group.

Four other final revamp spots remain open and it’s unknown how the rest of those spots will round out. But one movie that will most likely be one of those four is “Kung Fu Panda 4” via it being assessed tomorrow and it will most likely be one of those four, due to the lack of potential pre-2024 Flickuum talent. And of course, that’s not the only modification to the color-coded list that I put together four days ago because in addition, “Borderlands” will move up to the 18th spot in the orange section and “Civil War” will be inserted as the second “green” movie, which means that the upcoming Alex Garland movie could possibly get the Flickuum spot of “Challengers”. 

And finally, “A Christmas Story Christmas” got the gift of another movie failing its assessment, as “Attack The Block” ruined its Flickuum chances via it having a very clunky beginning. Now Erinn Hayes can finally be a part of Flickuum lore and have a movie of hers battle a Nadine Velazquez movie March Madness style.

Alright, now it’s time to go find three other movies of Flickuum quality, all of which you can/will find out about via an upcoming Nog Report.

Blog to you all again on Thursday.