Flickasbord, Volume 15

**Note: The following content has adult wording. Discretion is advised

So in yesterday’s Nog Report, I cited “A Christmas Story Christmas” as a possible Flickuum movie and did as such, due to me thinking that Erinn Hayes looks pretty much the same in that movie as she does in “Sharon 1.2.3.”. However, the operative word here is “possible”, as that movie is competing against a stacked group of other potential Flickuum movies and needs one of them to fail their assessment/re-assessment. Plus, given all the “have to have it” scenarios involving that stacked group of movies, the best-case scenario for the 2022 movie is to have “Filly Brown” fail its assessment, as Chrissie Fit has both “Pitch Perfect 3” and “All My Life” awaiting evaluation.

Three days ago in my entry “Catching The Rest Of The 22-Hundred (Plus One), The Color-Coded Version”, I came off as very confident about 24 of those 30 color-coded movies and I remain confident about them. However, that doesn’t mean that other 2024 movies will be left out, as I’m leaning towards seeing “Civil War”, so that I can get a non-animated Wagner Moura movie into The Flickuum Project. And should that movie be this year’s pleasant surprise, then there will already be an in-house replacement for one member of the quartet known as “Immaculate”, “Napoleon”, “The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes” and “Night Swim” should any of those four movies end up getting assessed sooner than expected.

And finally, one (Your Monster) of those 24 movies that I remain confident about is inching closer to wide United States distribution, as the Cleveland International Film Festival has picked it up for an April 12 screening. Yes, the artsy fartsy film festival circuit is stringing the eventual wide release along, but more film festivals also means that we are one step closer to knowing the United States wide release date. Here’s to more Google alerts pertaining to that and less alerts that tease that possibility, only to prattle on about a sixth “Final Destination” movie, the latter of which I give ZERO fucks about.

Blog to you all again tomorrow.