Flickasbord, Volume 14

I did say no more second-guessing when it came to overall guaranteed Flickuum spots, but the incomplete feeling that I got after seeing the movie “Meeting Evil” resonated with me again to the point that it felt like a nonsensical hybrid of “The Perfect Sleep” and “The Sixth Sense”. So, given that, I revoked its overall guaranteed Flickuum spot and awarded it to “Shark Night”, but without doing a spot-fill tournament for it because I no longer have any desire to do spot-fill tournaments for tentative guaranteed Flickuum spots. 

Staying on the topic of “Meeting Evil”, its ouster had to happen because I’m getting the sense that a trio of brand-new additions to the current assessment/re-assessment roster will provide strong cases of why they should be in The Project. And as to what those three movies are, well they are the Ana de Armas movie “Sergio”, the Camila Mendes movie “Do Revenge” and Melissa Barrera’s movie debut “L For Leisure”. 

And finally, the ouster of “Meeting Evil” has already caused a name change for the newly re-launched Tier 11, as it went from “Eleven Needed Before Evaluations Start Up” to “The Destined Dozen”, as there are now 12 open spots in the 2,101 through 2,178 selection group. Here’s to hoping that all 12 of those spots are filled between now and March 12.

Alright, no more messing around with the “Rock Of Ages” evaluation target date and no more over-thinking the current schedule of assessments/re-assessments, as it’s time to finally have a clear runway to more Flickuum progress. So, with all of that being said, blog to you all this coming Friday.