Flickasbord, Volume 11

Sydney Sweeney’s character in “Anyone But You” will be blasphemous again, as more Flickuum/Land Of Infusion things are kicking around in my head, thus this 11th volume. So without any more ado, let’s begin.

First up, I forgot to mention another upcoming 2024 movie that will be afforded the same pre-New Year’s Day 2025 immunity that “Sonic The Hedgehog 3” recently got, with that movie being “Transformers One”. And as to why that movie is afforded that same immunity, well it’s a Paramount release, which bodes well for the Josh Cooley-directed movie, as it could have an almost immediate digital pre-order listing just like “Bob Marley: One Love” did recently. Plus, “Transformers One” could emerge as a deadline beater, due to the constant problems that are plaguing “Gladiator 2”.

Staying on the topic of “Gladiator 2” director Ridley Scott, I began to second guess my decision of having his movie “Exodus: Gods And Kings” as an overall guaranteed Flickuum movie, due to it being progressively underwhelming. So, I sent it to Tier 8 for re-assessment, followed by having a spot-fill tournament for it, which has since come and gone. And as to which movie won that tournament, well it was the Nadine Velazquez movie “Husband For Hire”.

The upgrade to Tier 5 for “Husband For Hire” now leaves another vacancy in the group of movies vying for spots 2,101 through 2,178. But of course, this bodes well for a stacked group of assessments/re-assessments in “Kings Of South Beach”, “Knock Knock”, “Hard Candy”, “Dark Matter”, “The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus”, “Sweet Dreams ‘85”, “The Last King Of Scotland”, “Nightmare Alley ‘21”, “Poor Boy” and the recently added “Butter ‘98”. Or should I say eight of those movies, as two of them will need to go undefeated against “Imaginary”, “Challengers”, “Boy Kills World” “Back To Black”, “Twisters”, “Deadpool & Wolverine” and “Borderlands”. Stay tuned.

And finally, a 2024 movie (Drive-Away Dolls) that was expected to follow in the successful footsteps of “The Beekeeper”, “Lisa Frankenstein” and “Bob Marley: One Love” pretty much flunked its assessment, as it was just way too disjointed. However, it also got somewhat better as it went on, along with the fact that the barking of the dog in that movie reminded me of the sound of my dog’s bark. So, instead of discarding it to the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, I made it the inaugural movie of the now published page “The 99ers”, which is a page that has 2023 (and beyond movies) competing for the final 99 Flickuum spots. But there will be surely 99 movies that are better, so elimination is inevitable.

Alright, time to resume clearing my queue because I have an evaluation of “Rock Of Ages” that has been waiting for me since late-December. But tune in sometime next week to find out which movies become the ones that will be exempt from sports roster style selection.