Fired Up Friday

Welcome to Fired Up Friday, Steve Kaycee’s Friday subpage for Tats What’s Up!

Today, Steve blogs about the first session of his 97th tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Fate On My Right Shoulder: Part 4”

                   After my shift had ended on the third Monday of April 2014, I made a beeline for my car to proceed to proceed to About Time Tattoo. But when I got there, my appointment with Dan was delayed, as he had not one, but two walk-ins come in prior to that.

However, he was also an apprentice at that time and anytime a tattoo artist is at that stage of his or her career, then taking the last-minute walk-ins is necessary. And while it did suck to have the delay, I also didn’t knock Dan for taking that opportunity.

Despite Dan’s totally commendable ambition, the delay went on for roughly 15 more minutes, as he had to still draw up the piece. And after showing me what he had drawn up, he prepared the stencil, along with prepping my top outer right shoulder (the spot where the piece was going) and applying the aforementioned stencil. And after a couple minutes of drying time, it was showtime.

The experience pain-wise for this piece was that it didn’t really hurt, due to all the weight lifting that I did prior to that day. But due to all of Dan’s delays, along with the shop closing at 6 P.M. Eastern time that night, the line work was as far as we could go. And with that being said, a second session for the colors became a certainty. We agreed to the first Monday of May 2014.

Tune in tomorrow for the session of it.