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On June 14, 2019, Steve blogged about the birth of the idea for his 111th tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“The Jinx That Became A Rally: Part 1”

                     Back in the early to mid 2000s, I wanted to be in the position of going the traditional job route to the point of wanting to my live my life how I wanted to.

But unfortunately during that time, I fell into the trap of putting my faith in the highest of the powers that be, which at the time was President George W. Bush.

Of course, my viewpoint on the forty third United States president has softened considerably now. But during the aforementioned time period of the early to mid 2000s, I strongly felt that he fucked up our economy before and during the war with Iraq, something that his late father (George H.W. Bush) one way or another influenced him to start.

However, the frustration of that entire span didn’t cause me to lose my sense of humor, as I expressed my disdain for both those presidents with comedic rhyming.

You see, one phrase that I found to be hilarious was Mr. Jinx (the main antagonist of Pixie & Dixie) saying, “I hate mieces to pieces”, every time that they either got or were about to get the best of him. And by they, I mean the aptly named protagonists of that show, Pixie and Dixie.

Of course, every attempt that I had to advance in life during that particular time went for naught. But instead of feeling self-woe at that time, I decided to channel my inner Mr. Jinx, by putting my own twist on his mieces to pieces line, which in 2005 was “I hate Bushes to mushes”.

During the time of wanting to leave my day job for something better, so many things became rallying cries for me, whether it was me listening to the Seal song “Fly Like An Eagle” while picturing Michael Jordan going up to dunk the basketball, or me not giving a shit about catering to the schedule of parents that run fashionably late in picking up their kids from daycare.

Of course, getting tattoos of both an eagle wearing the number 23 while going up to dunk a basketball, and a honey badger commemorated those two particular instances, as both those pieces became rallying cries for me. And even though Bush Jr. was out of office during a bulk of my time at my now former day job, the “Bushes to mushes” phrase still remained. Especially since that was yet another pivotal rallying cry for me.

Looking back on that particular rally, which I did in the late 2013/early 2014 timeframe, I decided to get a tattoo to commemorate as such. And given how Mr. Jinx inspired the aforementioned “Bushes to mushes” phrase, I decided to get a tattoo of him.

Tune in tomorrow to find out which artist that I chose to tattoo it on me.