Fight For The Fifth Fallback Option

When it comes to movies being up for Two ThouCentennial consideration these days, it’s becoming a crapshoot more and more, as something that was expected to fail (Violent Night) succeeded and something that was expected to succeed (Murder At Yellowstone City) failed. And although I feel pretty confident about Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, John Wick: Chapter Four, The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Chevalier passing their assessments, along with hoping that Anna Camp can rebound with 5000 Blankets, I still have to prepare for the off-chance of any of those five movies failing their assessments. And of course, with that previous sentence being, I have handpicked four of the five fallback options to counter that off-chance, with those four fallback options being Madeline, Gifted, Best Sellers and Nomadland.

Of course, you all are wondering how I will go about getting the fifth fallback option, right? Well, the 25 movies that I assessed from the morning of this past Saturday (March 11) to the afternoon of yesterday (March 16) will compete in two separate groups, with the winner of each group battling it out for that fifth spot. And as to what those 25 movies are, well you can see the numbered list below, as they are ranked from best to worst. Plus, each movie is accompanied by either the letter “A” or “B” to represent its respective group.

The 25 Movies

  1. A-Out Of Time
  2. B-Showdown In Little Tokyo
  3. B-Rescue Dawn
  4. B-Five Years Apart
  5. A-Dream Horse
  6. A-Woman Walks Ahead
  7. A-News Of The World
  8. B-The Lighthouse
  9. A-Morbius
  10. A-Game Night
  11. B-Man Of Tai Chi
  12. B-Colors
  13. A-The Last Detail
  14. A-Cleopatra Jones
  15. B-Everything Everywhere All At Once
  16. B-Gamer
  17. A-Foxy Brown
  18. B-Red Eye
  19. B-El Chicano
  20. B-The Pledge
  21. A-The Art Of Self-Defense
  22. A-The Keeping Room
  23. B-Edge Of Tomorrow
  24. A-The Rules Of Attraction
  25. B-Titane