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**Note: This page isn’t a pyramid scheme, nor is it a cyber-begging page. Plus, it doesn’t promote gambling.

Here at Art Infliction, we’ve had blog entries where we’ve tackled world issues, along with having comedic material that wasn’t listed, nor will ever be listed on this website. And given where the world has been for most of 2020, we will be tackling world issues again, except it will be via an off-site platform. Especially with the drastic measures that someone makes against their opponent in these times that we’re living in.

So you might be asking, “How can I see such an entry via an off-site platform?”

Well the answer is two-prong, with the first prong being that you can contact us to request the list of off-site content that we have.

And as for the second prong, well if you see something on our list that you’re interested in reading, well you can receive such content after making your payment via the PayPal button below.

And this not a typical PayPal button, as it offers content (Non-Secrecy Entries) that you can tell your friends about and content (Secrecy Entries) that is for your eyes only, with the latter being a safeguard for these times that we’re living in. Each requested non-secrecy entry is 50 cents each and each requested secrecy entry is a dollar each.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and hopefully you are satisfied with the content that you requested.

Have a nice day!

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