Dial “R” For Recon, Part 2

So after going from Amazon to eBay, I continued my recon of the movie “The Wolf And The Lion” to see if it was available via hard copy or not. And as to how that went, well I found multiple hard copies of it via the latter of those two websites, but all of the listings were/are outside of my country (United States) and none of them guaranteed a standard and expedient shipping time, which was/is disappointing at this particular juncture.

However, despite The Wolf And The Lion showing how strong of a contender that it could/can be for the Catch-22 Hundred Project, I decided to option it as a final 78 movie because I want spots 2,048 through 2,122 to be movies that can/will be foreseeably attainable, which is something that that movie unfortunately cannot be. So, with all of that being said, I quickly decided that whichever movie finishes with a top-two record in Tier 12 will get that spot, with the possibility to compete for a Walrus 23 spot. And as to why I say top-two? 

Well, I’ve also realized (despite the excellent performance of Esai Morales) that my opinion of the movie “La Bamba” is currently erratic, which means that A] I will also option that one as a final 78 movie and B] Another movie gets to emerge from Tier 12 to possibly compete for a Walrus 23 spot. Make your move, White Men Can’t Jump ’23.

Of course, any of the 14 (minus The Creator) upcoming 2023 movies (that I’ve documented) could fail their assessments or get impacted by The Frandemic, along with the possibility that Mending The Line could fail its assessment or might not make the January 1 deadline. And should any of those factors come into play, well then filling open Catch-22 Hundred spots won’t be as daunting. Now it’s time to get some answers.