Dial “R” For Recon, Part 1

Back in Dial “B” For Brutal, I mentioned the logjam (17) of movies that are vying for as many as eight presumably (and foreseeably) open Catch-22 Hundred spots and how potentially qualified that they all could be. And of course, with that being said, I felt (and still feel) very overwhelmed by the thought of all of that.

However, that ongoing feeling subsided a bit because you see, I did some recon on Amazon (during my assessment of Dark Crimes) to see if the movie “The Wolf And The Lion” was still available via hard copy, as that’s one of the movies with an almost tentatively guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot. And as to how that recon went, well no hard copy listings of that movie came up, thus I went to go check for it on eBay. 

To be continued.