Dial “B” For Brutal

The logjam that is the group of movies awaiting assessment/re-assessment continues to be anything but a cut-and-dry process, as just when I think that some of those particular movies (The Photograph, Shot) have a strong chance at claiming some of those foreseeably open Catch-22 Hundred spots, more movies come along to complicate the selection process. So, with all of that being said, complications to the selection process is indeed the case, as two other movies (Spirit Untamed, The Speed Of Thought) have both been added to Tier 9 of the Land Of Infusion page, due in part to me wanting to have viable options to work with (assess) via that tier. And of course, that scenario involving both Spirit Untamed and The Speed Of Thought won’t be the only Catch-22 Hundred thing (there are three such things) that I’ll be delving into via this entry, but it will be the first via the next paragraph, so let’s begin.

Alright, so as to why both Spirit Untamed and The Speed Of Thought have both been added to Tier 9, well after my brother-in-law subtly recommended the former of the two to me, I did research to see if it connected with Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron or not. And as to what I found via my research, well it turns out that that movie (Spirit Untamed) is connected with the Spirit Netflix animated series and not the 2002 2-D (two-dimensional) animated movie, thus I decided to heed that subtle recommendation. Plus, Eiza Gonzalez is in that movie and I’ll give almost any/all of her movies a chance. Wow, I just glossed over The Speed Of Thought, so I’ll cite my reason for why I want to assess that movie via the next paragraph.

Alright, so what I had glossed over (The Speed Of Thought) in the previous paragraph gets its reasoning for assessment cited via this paragraph. And as to what that reasoning is, well it features an actress (Mia Maestro) who still doesn’t have a movie of hers up for Catch-22 Hundred Project consideration, thus it being high time that that changes. And speaking of Mia Maestro, it was decided during a break from writing the previous paragraph that another movie of hers in “The Cow Who Sang A Song Into The Future” will be added (now confirmed) to Tier 9, due to both her presence and the movie’s magical creatures aspect having Big Fish (the most recent movie to clinch a fully guaranteed Project spot) vibes about it. Now onto the second Catch-22 Hundred thing via the next paragraph.

Alright, so my constant surfing of eBay eventually led to me finding out that movies that were seemingly only digital could be found via hard copy, as such as a trend began via my wonderment back in late-July of 2021. And of course, that wonderment led to me successfully obtaining 26 movies that I thought that I could only get digitally. Furthermore, I knew that other such movies would come into play down the road, as my primary connection shipped “Always Be My Maybe” two days ago, while a new/additional connection of mine shipped out the 2023 version of White Men Can’t Jump on that same day, as the latter of those two movies has grown on me to the point that it’s just one fraction of the selection process being complicated. And speaking of both of those movies, as well as the connections that I purchased them from, four more movies that I could potentially purchase from either of them have all recently picked up pre-assessment steam. But since they are four movies, I don’t want to clump up this paragraph with A] Their names and B] The reason(s) for their stocks rising pre-assessment, so I’ll instead document them all via the chart below:

MovieWhy it has picked up pre-assessment steam
WildflowerThis movie has a lot of warmth about it. Plus, there’s no such thing as too much Alexandra Daddario in the Project.
PersuasionThe trilogy of success for Henry Golding via Crazy Rich Asians, Last Christmas and A Simple Favor amplifies his presence in this movie. Plus, it could work well in an evaluation line-up that has The Blackening.
At MidnightMonica Barbaro being an x-factor in Top Gun: Maverick allows her to build off that momentum via being the star of this movie.
Black BearAubrey Plaza is seemingly heading towards 11 Catch-22 Hundred movies. Her presence in this one could make it number 12.

Alright, so through paragraphs two through four, I highlighted eight (including White Men Can’t Jump ’23) movies that could make this selection process even more daunting, as nine other movies (Shot, The Photograph, Bent, Strangeland, Lady Macbeth, The Fallout, Carmen, Mending The Line, Jules) will also be involved in this brutal competition. So, given that, the Tier 12 movies that are not named Emily The Criminal will most likely have to be purged from this aforementioned selection process, as none of them are dynamic enough to compete March Madness style in making the Project. 

Yes, it took me a while to determine which movies that I want to assess before the March Madness style competition determination deadline of January 1, 2024. But I’ve figured it out now and it will no doubt be yet another interesting period in the ongoing selection process of the Catch-22 Hundred Project.