Dial “B” For Barter A Second Time, Part 1

For a little over six months, I periodically tattooed my own body, as my buddy Slick told me that tattooing yourself is one of the rules of getting into the tattoo industry as an artist. Plus, I periodically tattooed my own body because there were pieces that I wanted for myself in which I thought that no one else would be down to tattoo on me. 

Of course, those of you who have kept up on this entire series, know that I ordered a tattoo starter kit from the Wet Tattoo website, as I needed a starter kit to (occasionally) tattoo on my own body. And of course, the kit came with a lot of things. And as to what they were, well if I didn’t mention them already in this series, then I’ll mention them again via the bullet points below:

  • A gold-colored machine, which is (now was) the design of a skull and two crossed guns
  • A power supply
  • A foot petal
  • Ink caps
  • An ink cap holder that’s in the shape of a skull
  • Lining needles
  • Coloring needles
  • Disposable tubes
  • A bottle of red tattoo ink
  • A bottle of blue tattoo ink
  • A bottle of green tattoo ink
  • A bottle of yellow tattoo ink
  • A bottle of white tattoo ink
  • A bottle of black tattoo ink

Of course, I mentioned all of this to Mark (owner of Scorpion Tattooing), as he knew that I wanted to be a tattoo artist. And as to what he said to all of this, well he said to get rid of the ink bottles that came in the starter kit, as he felt that the ink brand itself was most likely a lousy one, so I got rid get of all of them not too long after he told me to. 

Tune in 10 days from now to find out how I proceeded to replace all the ink that I junked, per Mark’s recommendation.