Demoted, But Could Be Designated To Return

Over time, movies that are currently on the Fight For The Final 25 page could (and possibly will) be in limbo of making the Two Thous-Ton Project. Especially with the movies that could either be promoted from The Farm Squad page or could survive the Cutdown Candidates page.

And as it stands right now, two such movies are in limbo.

To see which one it is, simply view the number and bold text below:

  1. The Wolf Man. Why it’s on this list: Given how Universal horror movies have failed to make the Project, this movie is the one that is most likely to be cut from the Fight For The 25 roster. However, it could return to that roster if any and/or all four of its sequels pass their assessments.
  2. Justice League. Why it’s on this list: Aside from Wonder Woman and Aquamarine, the DCEU movie franchise that started in 2013 has been both debatable and disappointing. This movie falls into the former of those two categories…for now. Plus, Jared Leto’s bizarre method actor behavior during the Suicide Squad timeframe really did some collateral damage to this movie. Overall, this movie could be the first one waived in the Demoted, But Could Be Designated To Return era.