Defying The Odds In A Marvel-ous Way!

Heading into my assessment of The Marvels two days ago, I had ranked that movie as the worst of the then-eight remaining 2023 movies that I was going to assess theatrically, along with deeming it as a movie that wouldn’t get the next overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot. And of course, with all the scene-jumping that occurred during the opening minutes, I thought that the latter of the two points would ring true.

However, my pre-conceived notions were completely proven wrong, as the evolution of Goose The Cat and how it subsequently matriculated down to the other cats in that movie was/is just way too cool to not be a part of Catch-22 Hundred lore. And of course, with all of that being said, The Marvels became the latest long-shot movie to get an overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot, which could possibly bode real well for the two presumably weakest links (Napoleon, Poor Things) of the remaining 2023 theatrical movies, as they were ranked ahead of it going into the now completed assessment.

Alright, so as it stands right now, six of the seven remaining 2023 theatrical movies will be accessible to assess, the task of righting the wrong known as Wonder Woman: Bloodlines remains ongoing and a move to possibly counter the continued uncertainty about Poor Things could be made. So, with the latter of those three things being said, a blog entry about that will be written two days from now.

To be continued.