Definite Dozen: The 12 Movies That Were Substituted Into Tier 11 On Such Short Notice

Following the report that I heard that Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom had poor test screenings, along with my new found pet peeve of teaser trailers and the fact that I want the 50 For 25 aspect of the Two ThouCentennial Project to wrap up by this coming June 26, I’ve decided to go with a mass substitution, meaning that 12 of the 19 yet to be assessed Tier 11 movies will be subbed out for 12 different movies that are no older than five years. And just like Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part One and Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, the 12 movies that are about to be subbed out will be among those competing for the final 53 fully guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots.

Of course, there are different and/or multiple reasons for the mass substitutions, which can be seen via the first of two charts in this entry. You can check it out below:

MovieWhy it’s being subbed out
Magic Mike’s Last DanceHard copy confirmation could be announced after June 26.
Ant-Man And The Wasp: QuantumaniaSee one spot above.
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 3See two spots above.
Transformers: Rise Of The BeastsIt’s only had a teaser trailer and will get hard copy confirmation after June 26.
ElementalSee one spot above.
The MarvelsIt will come out after June 26.
The Equalizer 3It’s only had a teaser trailer and it comes out after June 26.
WishSee one spot above.
Trolls 3: The Trollstopia MovieSee two spots above.
The Little MermaidSee seven spots above.
Aquaman And The Lost KingdomSee four spots above.
Chicken Run: Dawn Of The NuggetSee five spots above.

So yeah, June 26 and/or teaser trailers are why the 12 movies in the chart above have moved to the field that will compete for the final 53 spots of the Two ThouCentennial Project. And with all of that being said, let’s take a look at the chart below, as it contains the movies that were selected to get assessed in the now and/or foreseeable future, along with why they were chosen and how they could fare in their assessments:

MovieWhy it was chosenHow it could fare
Alice, DarlingThis movie was billed as one of the most acclaimed Anna Kendrick movies, ever.Acclaim and production are two completely different things, as Anna Kendrick had the rare miss of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Plus, she had two misses, following A Simple Favor (the eighth-ranked Two ThouCentennial movie), with The Day Shall Come and Stowaway. This movie could fall into the same category as the three that are not named A Simple Favor.
5000 BlanketsThe other Anna (Camp) of the Pitch Perfect trilogy gets a fourth post-Desperados crack at having a movie of hers make the Project.Unexpected was a great disappointment, and that one had a better chance of making the Project than this one did/does. This movie could make Anna Camp 0-for-4 with post-Desperados movies.
Cocaine BearThe advertisements of this movie make it almost impossible to pass up.This movie gives off vibes of The Menu, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse and both Zombieland movies. And given the success of those five movies, that bodes well for the first of Ray Liotta’s four posthumous releases.
Violent NightA guy in a Santa suit taking out home invaders is worthy of an assessment.This movie does come after The Menu, the latter of which is going to be the second best John Leguizamo movie in the Two ThouCentennial rankings, therefore it could be a letdown.
MaAlthough Jordan Peele wasn’t involved, it does give off Get Out vibes.This movie could be a pleasant surprise in making the Project.
UsSince Nope was assessed, might as well assess this movie to see if it is a major downgrade from Get Out.This movie could fill the Nope void, in terms of having the same gritty vibe as that movie.
Studio 666This movie fell through the cracks for quite some time. But not anymore.This movie could be perfect as something leading up to A Simple Favor or anything Saved By The Bell related.
Mr. Malcolm’s ListIf Phantom Of The Open and Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris can get assessed, then this movie should as well.Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is all that Freida Pinto has to show for the Project. This movie could change that.
SmileThere were a couple contemplations about assessing this movie much sooner.This could be the 2022 version of Malignant.
BabylonIf Amsterdam can be assessed, then this movie should as well.This movie is a flashier version of Once Upon A Time In…Hollywood, the latter of which also has both Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt. That movie is among the 1,603 fully guaranteed Two ThouCentennial movies, thus that fact boding well for this one.
Guns AkimboThe presence of Samara Weaving is almost impossible to pass up.Given Weaving’s success with both Ready Or Not and Monster Trucks, along with her possible success in both Chevalier and Babylon, this movie could give her five Two ThouCentennial movies once all 2,047 fully guaranteed ones are all determined.
NomadlandThis movie was a last-minute addition after Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 3 got moved to the final 53 competition.This movie could be a perfect complimentary piece to anything that features either Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Anna Camp, Alexandra Daddario or Amelia Rose Blaire.

Alright, so 75% of the second chart could make the Project, therefore I feel good about my decision to sub them and the other three (5000 Blankets, Violent Night and Alice, Darling) into Tier 11. Especially when all of this will be settled well before the first day of the next calendar year.

Tune in sometime before the Fourth of July to find out if any of the twelve Chart #2 movies will be among the ones that will get overall guaranteed spots 2,023 through 2,047 of the Two ThouCentennial Project.