Cutdown Candidates

Ever since the official launch of the Land Of Infusion era, there has been an interesting distribution of successful assessments/re-assessments (54), likely successful assessments/re-assessments (21), obvious failed assessments/re-assessments (35) and movies hanging by a thread (10).

Of course, both that reason and the constant additions of assessments/re-assessments have been serious drains on the aforementioned Land Of Infusion era moving forward. And with movies such as Aquaman 2 and Minions: The Rise Of Gru lurking in the next couple of years, the logjam will continue.

But what if there was a way to loosen up the logjam to ensure more assessments of fresher talent?

Well look no further, as this page provides the answer in the form of a list of movies that are not completely ruled out from the Two Thous-Ton Project yet won’t be missed if they don’t make the cut.

Currently, fourteen movies are on this page, with the likelihood of being cut ranking from top (1) to bottom (9).

The movie and its reason(s) for possible banishment are listed via the numbers and bold text below.

  1. The Kill Hole. Why it could be cut: This movie’s ending will be investigated and could likely receive a fail as a result of that.
  2. The Substitute. Why it could be cut: It’s a movie that’s “take-it or leave-it” for the Project and its sequels could make its stock drop.
  3. Death Sentence. Why it could be cut: If the alternate ending isn’t much different than the theatrical version of the ending, then it could very well move up to The Farm Squad. And if it does move up to The Farm Squad and beyond, then it could be the second Kevin Bacon movie to a perfect complimentary movie to any of the Pitch Perfect movies.
  4. Reprisal. Why it could be cut: Olivia Culpo’s acting is bad at times in this movie, her and Frank Grillo are mismatched as an on-screen couple and the ending felt a little incomplete. But Grillo’s stand as a vigilante is a little more plausible than Kevin Bacon’s stand as a vigilante in the aforementioned Death Sentence. Plus, Bruce Willis towards the end of the movie is vintage Bruce Willis.
  5. Escape From New York. Why it could be cut: If Escape From L.A. passes its re-assessment, then this movie will move up to The Farm Squad.
  6. The Golden Child. Why it could be cut: If it passes its investigation, then it will move up to The Farm Squad.
  7. Cats. Why it could be cut: Some of the stuff in this movie is a bit much, such as Rebel Wilson’s character and the multitude of “coats” she has. But thanks to Taylor Swift and a possible successful investigation, this movie could move up to The Farm Squad.
  8. The Squid And The Whale. Why it could be cut: If it passes its post-re-assessment investigation, then it could move up to The Farm Squad.
  9. Knife Fight. Why it could be cut: If certain components of it (including Carrie-Anne Moss’ scream at the end) can pass, then it will move up to The Farm Squad.