Could X Claim One Of The Revoked Spots?

**Note: The following content has adult wording in it. Discretion is advised

Back on May 21, 2022, I made the decision to not accept any more movies for assessment/re-assessment from then through October 7, 2022, as I felt that day that A) My then-current crop of assessments/re-assessments would be way too time-consuming to accept any more such movies at this time, and B) 38 Tier 12 movies would present a very tall order for undocumented/impromptu movies to snag any of the then-81 (going on 83) Two ThouCentennial spots that were either revoked, or are about to be revoked.

But due to the factors of 23 assessments/re-assessments already being done from then (May 21, 2022) to now and two of those 23 (Mandie And The Cherokee Treasure, Folk Hero & Funny Guy) being two of the 38 (The Guardian passed its assessment) that badly failed their assessments, another movie could be approved for an assessment/re-assessment between now and October 7, 2022. And as to what movie that movie could be, well it could be the movie “X”, which was released theatrically this past March before being released on all physical and digital platforms a week ago tomorrow.

Alright, I have to admit that I was on the fence about even giving this movie just a fraction of a thought for assessment, as noticing Brittany Snow go from the likes of The Pacifier, Hairspray and the Pitch Perfect trilogy to it is something that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. But after noticing how much of a smoke show that she is in this movie via the trailers, how slick that director Ti West makes it look via the aforementioned trailers and the fact that it gives off a slow burn style about it, the more that I’m inclined to add it to the current roster of assessments/re-assessments. And maybe I will if A) More Tier 12 movies fail like Mandie And The Cherokee Treasure and Folk Hero & Funny Guy both did and B) More time will be on my side between now and October 7, 2022. However, those two points are far from being set in stone, so you’ll have to be in suspense of when this decision will become official.

Alright everybody, blog to you all about Two ThouCentennial activity again next week.