Carrere Goes Another Shake-Up

**Note: The following could be deemed as having racy content. Regardless, discretion is advised

Sometime between the posting of Determining 23 In ’23 (And In ’24) and the tandem of Marcus Smart and Derrick White pulling off a lucky play against the Miami Heat, I noticed upon updating the Already Assessed & Re-Assessed Vs. Pending Rookie Scale page that I had both Showdown In Little Tokyo and The Frighteners ranked ahead of both Black Samson and La Bamba, with the latter two being mentioned as movies that have positioned themselves for Two ThouCentennial consideration. And of course, with that being said, I wondered how I would go about categorizing the former two movies in the selection process come early next year. Especially when that entry contradicted that page a bit.

But after coming to the dual realization that Showdown In Little Tokyo warrants to be the top ranked of those four movies and Black Samson deserving to remain one spot behind it, I decided to write this entry, stating the case for the aforementioned Showdown In Little Tokyo being among the movies that should get Two ThouCentennial consideration, as well as how that impacts the other three movies going forward. Now, let me present the case for the aforementioned Showdown In Little Tokyo via the next paragraph.

Okay, so when I assessed Showdown In Little Tokyo back in early/mid-March of this year, I thought that it was both a run-of-the-mill action movie of the week and 78 minutes worth of background noise. But after realizing that A] Tia Carrere’s eye candy appeal via that movie can more than off-set the banishments of both Wayne’s World movies from the Project, B] It has the vibe of any enjoyable old school mid ‘80s or early ‘90s action movie, C] Toshishiro Obata deserves a movie with a big role in the Project and D] The final fight scene is epic,  I decided that it does indeed warrant Two ThouCentennial consideration, thus increasing the amount of movies positioned to make the Project from 13 to 14.

Okay, so given the amount increase, what does that mean for the other three movies? Well, despite the presence of Trini Alvarado in The Frighteners, I just can’t see its campiness being ranked above a movie (La Bamba) that features a show-stealing performance by Esai Morales. So, given that, The Frighteners was moved down two spots on the Already Assessed & Re-Assessed Vs. Pending Rookie Scale page, thus ranking it 15th among the group that also has Showdown In Little Tokyo and the 13 Section A movies that were mentioned in Determining 23 In ’23 (And In ’24). And given that 11 Section B movies are predicted to round out the Top 25, it (The Frighteners) could be eliminated from such contention come late 2023/early 2024. And as for what the rise of Showdown In Little Tokyo does to both the aforementioned La Bamba and Black Samson, well it gives them no room for error in the standings, as those two movies are the projected Wild Card movies in the battle for spot #2,048.

Okay, so the finalization of getting all hard confirmations for the 11 Section B movies that are predicted to pass their assessments won’t be official until February or March of next year. But say if everything does go according to plan, then we’re looking at those 11 movies and the top 12 movies on the Already Assessed & Re-Assessed Vs. Pending Rookie Scale page getting those coveted Top 23 spots, as well as both Black Samson and La Bamba getting the two Wild Card spots on that page. And regardless of what happens between now and late-December [the assessment of Migration], this current twist in the Two ThouCentennial Project is sure to continue being yet another interesting one.

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