Bottoms Becomes A Top Assessment Choice

192. That’s the remaining amount of movies that will eventually be competing March Madness style in trying to get fully guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots. And of those 192 movies, two of them are completely open, thanks to two mathematical errors creating eight more overall guaranteed spots that will be filled before January 1, 2024.

Of course, it’s been a struggle finding game-changing talent for the Project, as movies like In The Heights and John Wick don’t exactly grow on trees. But given that The Creator and The Marvels could both be pleasant surprises in their assessments, that presumably drops Amsterdam and Tracers into two of those extra spots that were created, per the blog entry “A ‘Dam Upgrade, Another Upgrade And A Mathematical Error”, thus leaving the spot that was recently vacated by Next Gen. And of course, with all of that being said, how will this particular spot-fill be addressed?

Well, how about with Knock At The Cabin getting traded back into the “2023 movies that are on stand-by group” for Bottoms, as Marshawn Lynch acting in a movie is just too good to pass up. And unlike Mending The Line, I won’t overlook an immediate and accessible opportunity to see this movie, as I have no patience for VideoETA’s annoyingly staggered style of hard copy announcements. 

Alright, I’ll possibly blog to you all again next Monday, as I’m just ready to pin my ears back and knock movies off my assessment list, so get ready for a ton of Land Of Infusion news items for the remainder of this week.