Art “Bears” Repeating: Part 4

On the last day of July 2012, I was out shopping for my trip to New Jersey at the mall that was closest to me at that time, along with buying more paint (for more eventual painted rocks) at an arts and crafts called A.C. Moore, which has since merged with Michaels. And of course, with the latter part of the previous sentence being said, paint wasn’t the only thing that I bought at that arts and crafts store that day because in addition, I bought some (five to be exact) miniature hard fuzzy teddy bears to give to Lucy, Marleen, and the friend(s) that accompanied them during our eventual hangout that occurred on the first Friday of August 2012.

Alright, so you all might be wondering who the fifth miniature hard fuzzy teddy bear was for, right? 

Well, in case no one is wondering that, I’m going to tell you all anyways; that fifth miniature hard fuzzy teddy bear was for me. And as to why it was for me, well it reminded me of something that I had as a kid, but no longer have. And given that I was still sad about no longer having that one particular thing from my childhood, I decided to get another, so that I could end that sadness in the best possible way. And of course, the end of that sadness wasn’t the only thing that buying little teddy bear brought forth because in addition, the possibility that Myst entertained about buying some of my Etsy work became a reality, as she bought six of my painted rocks on the first day of August 2012, thus making that my very first Etsy sale. And as to what those pieces were, well they are the last six pictures on this page.

Of course, I’m very selective when it comes to being superstitious, meaning that I’m not that way a whole lot. And while that Etsy sale occurred the day after I bought that miniature teddy bear, I felt at that time and still feel to this very day that that miniature teddy bear was my good luck charm in that Etsy sale possibility becoming a reality. As a matter of fact, I felt so strongly about that belief that I decided to get a tattoo of that bear to commemorate as such.

Tune in tomorrow to find out which artist that I chose to tattoo it on me.